Wilderness Ahead...

Oh my blog friends how I have been neglecting thee! But, as with any parent who ducks away to prepare a delicious surprise, I've been away for good reasons. And even better news? My concoction is almost done cooking!!

First, I want to again thank Connie over at DirtyFootprints-Studio. Her gratitude has boosted me to the place I am now, with the energy to boost up this stove and take the heat in the kitchen.

And Ms Melita and EcoYogini - thank you so much for continuing to visit & comment!

To all of the others who are joining in this Life journey, (some leaving comments, others just stopping by) I know you are out there... (Dana & Beth, I adore you, my lovely family!)...thank you for your invisible presence. (Of course, I always love comments...even if just a smile!)

So, due in huge part to the love I've gotten from family and friends, old, new, and some never met face-to-face, I am taking a deep breath and another large leap into my life.

I blogged a bit ago about how I felt things changing...I think they are finally swirling down together and starting to meld into the life the disturbance was meant to create. It's not all being done for joy-reasons...as with almost everyone else I know, the ripples of the economy are being felt around our house. While we are blessed to be able to maintain our house, hubby his job, and me my stay-at-home status, the "little things" have all been sacrificed and we're forced to take bigger steps. For you others who are in two-income parent households, I'm sure you understand how expensive childcare is. It simply isn't worth it right now for me to re-join the workforce. And yet...that doesn't mean I can't do my part.

As a yogini, as an artist (I still don't feel comfortable calling myself that)...I struggle with the concept of money. I've heard others who feel the same way -- there is something "off" about charging for something that I would gladly give away for free! And yet, idealism aside, I still realize that money is just one form of energy. It is a way that the energy I put out to the world can be returned to me. Oh, how I wish we could all live on love alone! But until our li'l utopian society is created, money will have to suffice as a means of energy-transfer. And I am putting it out there to the universe that I'm ready for a li'l energy.

This does not mean I'm sacrificing my fervent belief in the importance of passionate pursuits, however. Money & My Soul can walk hand-in-hand ....if I can get my kids to get along, I have no doubts I can create harmony in any other situation.

Enough teasers...I need to get back to working on this venture so I can get it out to the world! My head and heart are about to explode from keeping it in for so long. Until next update (or the reveal!)...

On another note, I also realized I've been neglecting my training updates! At first I thought that no one really cared (and maybe no one does!)...but if I'm sharing this journey with even one other reader of this blog, and my story (and maybe your comments??) can keep each of us going -- it would be worth it.

I've neglected recording many days and am not going to take the time to record everything. Suffice to say, I am happy with my discipline, and THAT is what matters.

What I Did:
*10 laps in the pool

What I Learned:
*Sometimes I just need to listen to my body. I wasn't going to go to the Y this morning, but hubby convinced me he needed to...and I couldn't let him go alone! After upper body strength training yesterday, a fierce 10-minute (indoor) bike ride, and high-exertion 10-minute (treadmill) run yesterday, my body and my mind were just tired. I splashed through the laps today and certainly don't regret doing it, but I didn't find any meditation...nor any extra energy...through doing so. The best time I had? The few minutes after where our daughter was still in childcare, Chris was still in the weight room, and I had time to sit and meditate over the new upcoming venture....

I guess sometimes doing what needs to be done means taking care of my body...whether it's a joyful process or not.

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