Art on Love

Have you ever had a memory arise that just takes your breath away?  It is a personal memory, yet it seems like you are watching the drama from the outside - as if you are such a different person now that you can't imagine ever having been there.  Yeah, I've got those.  Many of them.

I chose to sit with my fires of emotion & memory the other day.  It brought up many stories that I'd stopped re-telling years ago.

Instead of clinging to the drama, I let it just flow right on through me into a play of art.

I created an painting in the middle of all of this and am most happy with the feeling it evokes in me.  The process was intense.  The final piece gives an option of a resting place for the ashes of what has burned.  There are so many stories I no longer need to analyze, to sit with and let burn....which is not overwhelming.

It is simply an opportunity for more art.

(You will notice in the following video some places where there is just video, no music and other places where there is just music, no video.  This is intentional.)

A warning: some might find the lyrics of the music I used offensive.  It is the music I listened to while creating the piece (literally: I had it on repeat).  It gives an important backdrop to the art and is an honest look into my creation process.  I find passion in everything from songs like this (Eminem/Rihanna: Love the Way You Lie) to rich symphony music.

Love from Lisa Wilson on Vimeo.

I'm truly fascinated by the way experiences get put into art and then how the art gets experienced by the viewer.

If you are game to play along, I'd love to know 3 words that this piece evokes for you.  No right or wrong...I'm just really curious!  

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