The Newsletter & a Give-away!!!

Finally!  The official newsletter sign-up has begun!

The Fine Print is the name, awareness is the game.

Right now I'm scheduling to send a newsletter every couple of weeks, but this may increase as we get into the swing of things.

Included in The Fine Print will be stories, valuable information, resources, downloads, guest segments, quotes, and even jokes!

From yoga to art, creative exploration to passionately pursuing a vocation, weaving mindfulness into the mundane, Buddhist & other religious perspectives, philosophical musings to rather humorous (and hopefully not too crass) one-liners, the newsletter is all about enhancing and deepening your awareness: of your vitality, of what life has to offer, of your creative responsibilities (yup - responsibilities).

The Fine Print is going to be my way of staying in touch with you as the construction continues around here.  Eventually, this blog will be moving to my new website.  Those on the newsletter will be able to follow the move and not get lost in the dust!

And as a thank you for tagging along and signing up early, 
I will be offering a signed copy of Chris Guillebeau's new book, 
The Art of Non-Conformity, to one of The Fine Print subscribers!

(If you haven't heard of him or this book, trust'll want to read this.  If you have heard of him, you probably already have a feel free to keep this signed one and give yours away!)

Just sign up by Sunday, November 7th...that's all you have to do.  I'll be picking from the list of subscribers and announcing the winner in the newsletter on Monday, November 8th.

(*All "charter members" - i.e. those who signed up via the trial button - are already entered!)

Sign up HERE.

The new website is soon to follow, with more "About Me" stuff - including what you can expect from LifeUnity - a return to guest posts, and even a workshop or two!

I'm super excited about all of this and hope you are too...I look forward to seeing you on the subscriber list!

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