Work in Progress

A quick note: You may or may not have noticed the little "Newsletter" button over there: ---->

You don't need to do anything at this point - this is my little "test" version.  There will be a way cooler button when I get the real newsletter set up. :)

I promised many changes happening around here and I wasn't kidding.  I am absolutely giddy about all of the things that will be revealed soon - but in fairness to one bit of news, I want to keep all of them under wraps for now.  (Jealousy issues between news bits, ya know.)

IF you do want to help me out with my test, please feel free - I would be quite grateful!  Just click on that little button on the sidebar and you'll be taken to a subscription screen.  (Don't worry - you'll be able to unsubscribe if you change your mind)  Please let me know if you have any troubles - you can email me at lifeunity (at) gmail (dot) com.

If you do sign up, you will not receive anything beyond the subscription confirmation right now.  (e.g. no real newsletter.)  Once the final version is ready to go, I will send out an email to all trial subscribers confirming that you wish to stay on the list.

I will post more information oh-so-soon on what exactly this newsletter will contain...and all of the awesome changes that will be accompanying it.

Stay tuned (and thanks to any trial members!)!!

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