Life Happens

I've been waiting.

I have been not posting on purpose, hoping to make the next post "the big one".  Waiting to reveal the new newsletter, the new website, the "IT" that pulls all of this together.

I have catchy names that change depending on my mood, pages of business plan material - some by the letter, some doodled.  I have things to offer you and things that will fulfill me.  It is all so close to being ready-to-roll.

And yet I wait.

And life marches on.

“Life is what happens to you 

while you're busy making other plans” ~John Lennon

So let's keep writing our story, shall we?  No more interludes while we plan something more exciting.  Let's promise one another to keep making each day matter - whether or not we are planning for tomorrow, today is the only thing that exists.

Today I challenge you to do one teeny tiny thing that celebrates life right here, right itsy bitsy step towards You.  Mine?  This post.

Life is happening now, baby.  Let's not miss out.

Lisa Wilson7 Comments