The deeper the self-realization
of a man, the more he influences
the whole universe by his subtle
spiritual vibrations.

~Paramhansa Yogananda
Autobiography of a Yogi

I do not wish to do; I wish to be.  I do not wish to instruct, I wish to radiate.  It is only be teaching myself first, by offering and accepting myself what I wish to give, that I may have any hope of truly connecting with any other being.

(For those concerned, please know I realize the pronoun in this quote.  Take it as he/his.  Take it as she/hers.  Take it as You/your.  Ultimately, words are vehicles for the message - do not be concerned about make of the car; be concerned whether it can take you to your destination.  Even then, train yourself to be grateful for the car but not reliant upon it - we should be strong enough to walk.)

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