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Oh much love to share! In no particular order:

THANK YOU to One World One Heart Participants from whom I won giveaways (Whoo hoo!!) :

Joanie at Full of Bolognie (tee hee) (
for the scrapbook kit for which I have already been pondering creative arrangements (I'm never sleeping again)


Debb (a.k.a. DaCraftyLady) at Http:// for the lovely and oh-so-fun earrings (that I already have an outfit planned for when they arrive)


Cheryl at Artsy-Fartsy (Http:// for the stunning antique tintype photograph (that I can't wait to just hold in my hands and admire for hours)!

I'm anxious to share photos but am going to wait until I can show them on me / at my abode. For now, I'm going to suggest you visit their blogs to check them out. Trust me, worth the visit!

Thanks, too, to Jenn at Http:// for the AWESOME Kraft-i Roller. (I can't wait to start creating with it! Seriously. Sleep is going to not happen.)

BIG THANKS to the oh-so-kind Heather (a.k.a. Namaste-Heather) at . She gave me / this blog an oh-so-sweet award!

Part of being awarded this is sharing 7 things about myself then awarding it to 7 other bloggers. (Heather's were good - check it out at!)

So 7 random things...hmmm. I feel like I'm at a networking party. Let's see:

  1. I have successfully (hah) completed 20 skydives in my lifetime....all were from about 10 years ago and lasted until I went broke. I would go again in a heartbeat (with hubby's, albeit reluctant, permission. Hey - he has completed 3 himself!).
  2. I birthed both of my children without pain medications. I didn't do it for the accolades, but simply because I felt that was the path I wanted to take. Thank god I didn't know my daughter was 9 lbs 2 oz before she was born or I might have changed my mind.
  3. I love yoga, but not the yoga most people think of when they think, "Yoga". I love the full discipline, on and off the mat. It is the concept of Unity that intrigues me most about the practice...and that oh-so-yummy feeling you get after an in-the-zone mat practice. (Oh, and my classmates and teachers from my yoga teacher training program at Cityoga. They are AWESOME.)
  4. "LifeUnity" was a name I coined almost 14 years ago after several days of brainstorming a business name that captured the essence of my values. It has been the name for a Life Coaching business venture, a photography venture, a yoga program, and of course, this blog. I still love the name, regardless of what business path it's pointing to. (For the first time ever, I have come up with a new domain that encompasses more of who I am today. Stay tuned for more information...I'm so excited!!)
  5. I can stick my arms out in front of me, palms together, rotate my hands so the palms are facing away, cross my arms (right over left), clasp my hands (palms now together), turn my joined hands down and towards my body rotating them fully through until they are pointing up to the sky, slip my right elbow over my left while keeping my hands clasped thus creating a small hole between my forearms...and wiggle my head through that hole so my hands are clasped behind my neck. My BFF & I learned we could both do that in college and it turned out to be a fairly nifty party trick. If you can follow those directions and can do that, I'd love to see a photo. Seriously. I'd post it up here alongside a photo of me doing it.
  6. I have no one favorite movie or favorite song or favorite food or favorite color. I am truly a outside desires change based on my inner mood. This used to be a big problem for me (I thought, as others had said, that I was wishy-washy). I now am beginning to embrace it as a unique and fun characteristic -- I can (and do) love it all! (Well, ok - I really don't care for heavy heavy metal and can't eat black olives with grimacing...but who knows what the future may bring!)
  7. I saw the Grand Canyon when I was very young and didn't remember it. I went more recently with my husband (several years ago). He led me up a path and had me close my eyes. Once we were within view, he had me open my eyes. The first thing I did was gasp and say "oh shit!" The people next to us laughed. It still makes me laugh. I love having my breath taken away like that. I can still feel the rush of an inhale of energy that comes from being faced with magnificent vastness.

So now my problem is...ONLY 7 to whom I can award this? See that list over to the right of those blogs I follow? I follow all of them for a reason! (Really, I don't have time to follow blogs that aren't interesting.) There are amazing people out there with amazing blogs. So to each of them I give a big shout out (check the list of those I follow, folks!).

Part of my confidence that has been growing is knowing when I feel ok breaking the rules. This is one of those times. Forgive me, oh creator of the Beautiful Blog award, but I have too much love to narrow it down to 7 people. (If any of you readers want to share 7 things about yourself, please leave a comment below letting me know you did so and I'll add a link to your post!)


I URGE you to check out Connie's workshop ART JOURNAL LOVE LETTERS.

It started on the 14th, but I'm almost certain you can still join! I completely agree with another participant who said that she already feels she got more than her money's worth...and we're still in the FIRST week! The videos alone are worth get an example, visit Connie's blog at to check out her work. Seriously - $25 for oodles of information and and tips and techniques and inspiration and all sorts of juicy love - JUST DO IT!

(I'll be posting some of my fun journaling up here but keeping some of the techniques a secret. *shhh* You have to join Connie's workshop to find out more!)

Whew...a whole lotta lovin' going on. Doesn't it feel delicious?! ;-)

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