Oh So Thankful!

What a day it was!

Ironically, we pulled up to our house at the same time our lovely mail lady was arriving. T'was a good thing....because I got oodles of gifts in the mail today!

My fun, character-filled earrings arrived yesterday from the talented Debb (a.k.a. DaCraftyLady) at http://pbdesigns.blogspot.com/ . I mentioned when I entered her give-away that I already had the outfit planned for it - this shirt was calling out for some funky earrings! And voila! (The color matches way better in person)

(The sticker by my eye is courtesy of my daughter. Bling everywhere!)

Thank you so much, Debb - they will be worn with love and attitude!

Today - three gifts at once!

First, the oh-so-kind Jenn (http://justjenndesignz.blogspot.com/) mailed off the Kraft-i Roller and it arrived quicker than I expected! I have already been to the library - as well as gotten some helpful information from Jenn - to delve into my paper-crafting adventure. Jenn has been so wonderful to chat with, and I cannot wait to make my first bead! And seriously, how beautiful is this tool??

She has six different designs (found here) to add whatever zest you need to your crafting time. (I chose the Victorian Script) I'll definitely be posting the results of my work! Yippee!

Jenn, I'm looking forward to crafting "with" you over the coming months and years!!

And speaking of beautiful...

Look at THIS (from Cheryl at Artsy-Fartsy (http://cheryl-comfort.blogspot.com/))....a stunning antique tintype photograph.

Oh my goodness, it is truly a treasure. And look at how it was delivered!!

(It seriously took me about 10 minutes to unwrap because I kept trying not to tear the paper and doily!)
This antique tintype photograph has so many stories to tell. (You can see the inside photo at Cheryl's blog post here.) The lovely lady inside is already the inspiration for stories that will make their way into my art work.

Cheryl, I cannot believe you parted with this but I feel so fortunate that you did. Please know that she has found a loving home!

And whoa - speaking of art work....I am SO SO tickled to have BATCHES of new things with which to play - thanks to Joanie at Full of Bolognie (http://joaniebolognie.blogspot.com/).

Seriously, I had seen the photo on her giveaway post, but had NO idea at the SCOPE of what was included! This photo does not do it justice, but since I have all my other crafting supplies spread out over the dining room floor, I figured I'd better put these all back in the bag. (Gotta keep the husband happy and the kids outta my stuff.)

Papers, ribbons, stamps, antiquing paint, flowers, buttons, trinkets, ...the list keeps going. I am SO excited!!!

Joanie, you are amazing...thank you. I wish I could share with you the creative excitment that is stirring my soul - I can't wait to get started!

To each of you: THANK YOU. These gifts have put a smile on my face in the midst of a challenging week - that is saying a LOT.


I have more exciting photos to share of art journaling (as well as more stories about the STRENGTH and JOY!!), but need to get the kiddos ready for bed. I've already posted twice today - who knows, another might be on its way!

After all, with all of these new goodies, I'm not sleeping any time soon....

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