Training Update

On and on I go!

The 5K is coming up this Saturday, so my training this week is ever so slightly different.

What I Did:

Monday: Ran SIX miles - i.e. FORTY-TWO LAPS around the YMCA track.

Tuesday: Strength training (free-weights) at home

Today (Wednesday): Interval Training - random sprints in the midst of a 30-minute jog/run.

What I Learned:

*I can DO THIS!

Seems an odd thing to "learn", but as Bleubeard and Elizabeth put in a comment, I previously might have been able to run 5 feet if the house were on fire. (Ok, I would have run 3 feet then dramatically fainted and waited for my brave husband or a strapping young fireman to come and rescue me.)

During both my five- and six-mile runs over the past two weeks, I have been able to let my mind go. That is the biggest key. I'm not constantly chattering at myself that I have THIRTY laps left and how in the world am I supposed to do that or my that other chica is kicking my butt so I should speed up my pace and show her up....

Nope. Just running. Honestly the hardest part is the last mile or so when I do start counting down and my mind pipes up. Suddenly every step is painful - but at that point, there's no way I'm stopping to walk.

For others getting into running, I admit that this still isn't easy. But it is far easier than I ever feared it would be. Don't most things seem tamer than our fears once we face them??

* Still admitting I'm over a 10-minute / mile pace, I found out that my watch resets itself after an hour (i.e. starts counting back at zero). I stopped it after my 6 miles (or 42 laps * (1 mile=6.8laps) - you do the math), and found I'd only been running for "08:27". Eight minutes? Oh yeah, I'll be signing up for the summer Olympics.

* I don't like interval training. You think it would be nice compared to running over an hour, but I am still an inner-wimp. Pushing myself that hard - for 60 seconds, 30 seconds - for any period of time that there isn't a fire I'm running from or a piece of cheesy pizza I'm running towards - is not enjoyable.

I'm not sure I could be doing this if I were single and had to work out at one of those gyms around us that attract all of the already-fit college girls to which potential mates would be comparing me...I am a slobbering red-faced groaning and moaning blob at the end of a sprint. It isn't attractive.

I must say though, one of the benefits of doing this is that on the inside I know I am the sexiest thing to be walking this earth at this point. T'is a yummy feeling.

Another post coming later today - it's been a GIFTED day! (Hint, hint)

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