5K - Check!!

What an experience!

My sister and I completed a 5K this Saturday in Fishers, IN. It was to benefit the Fishers High School Cross Country & Track Team. I had no idea what to expect (hadn't seen the course, no idea how many people were going to be there, hadn't really checked the weather).

It's fascinating going into an experience with no expectations.

(A HUGE thanks to our wonderful mother who watched the kiddos - and manned my camera! - while we ran! This would not have been possible without you, mom!)

The environment:

There were close to 200 runners.

The weather was COLD. (Around 23 degrees F.)

Bless the Cross Country & Track team members (and coaches and parents!) who went out at six a.m. that morning and shoveled as much as they could of the course.

Even with all of their hard work, around 80% of the course was through neighborhoods and streets almost completely covered with ice. I believe this was my first time ever of running on ice.

While most of the course was flat, there was one hill in the first mile and a fairly large incline towards the end. I'm glad I didn't know about that last one until I saw it.

Myself, my sister, my kiddos and my niece before the race

The starting pack. I look at that picture and am truly glad I didn't know what was coming. Had I have been able to see this the night before, I would have seriously reconsidered just staying in bed!

The results:

Remember my comments that I was going to push this regardless of the weather or how I felt? My whole mental focus of this race was trying to beat a 10 minute / mile pace. I wasn't going to let a little ice or a couple of hills stop that.

My discipline was truly tested on the final hill. With probably 3/4 of a mile left, I was huffing and puffing up the hill. I had pushed the pace in the beginning and was now really feeling it.

About 1/3 of the way up, my legs decided they wanted to walk, so one foot plopped down in walk position. Thankfully, my mind knew I'd be rather pissed if that walk occurred. The result was kind of a little sideways stumble that made me look quite drunk...but I KEPT RUNNING. I remember even saying "NOPE" out loud and giggling a bit. That probably didn't help the whole drunk impression.

The final result?

I finished in 30:49 , meaning a pace of 9:55 / mile!

My sister totally kicked butt, too, finishing in 32:56, a huge improvement in her pace!

I am taking this all in stride (ha ha, *groan*). I know that this pace was on ice and with hills...which means I could probably go faster. But I also know that a few seconds here and there don't mean much (the course distance could be off, the timing chip not exact, etc.).

Basically I'm not going to let any pride sit like a big squishy lump; rather, I'm using the energy of the accomplishment to boost and drive me further. This is one step in the journey - it's like a road sign letting me know I'm going the right way! :)

My son and niece also completed a 1 mile fun run. They had a GREAT time!

This is my son's second 1-mile run. I'm considering trying to "train" with him (i.e. get him outside more, working on running at slower paces, having him ride his bike with me while I run with the jogging stroller, etc.) He has such an enjoyable time, but gets frustrated easily. He'll sprint, then walk, then sprint, then walk...then repeat. He hasn't quite grasped the concept of pacing yourself - or that winning isn't everything. He's only 5, though, so it's a great place to start!

An unhappy girl (she wasn't signed up to run and was quite upset. Note the t-shirt "dress"...I don't think she could have run in this even if she wanted to.)

It's the try that counts, and boy did he try....and had FUN!

The wonderful cross country team was out running with the kids - my niece (being the youngest and last of the crowd) got quite the escort through her race.

I ran the last two laps with our son, and our daughter joined us to cross the finish line.

Now THAT is one determined girl!! (Can you see the tongue?) :)

My niece and my son...winners!

I'll freely admit - the rest of the weekend has been about rest and indulging.

I am already feeling the call to get back to the run, though. Feeling the brisk wind while running outdoors was SO refreshing. I truly wish I had the strength at this point to get up early (I'd have to leave at 5 a.m.) to run my long run tomorrow outside before hubby leaves for work. I'm realistic and know that won't happen, so I'm "looking forward" to running 49 laps around the YMCA tomorrow. Hmmm. Discipline slipping quickly....

*UPDATE: This post was written on Sunday. I'll update in the next post as to what REALLY happened this morning!**

May you find the energy to accomplish the next step in your life!!

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