Oodles of Opportunities

I started off this post wanting to just explain the little widget links I have for the Art Journal Love Letters workshop and the WishFull Virtual Art Retreat....and I just kept right on going.

I don't know if this happens to you, but I have at least 20 Internet Explorer windows open between the desktop and laptop of courses and books with which I want to follow up. It seems like there has been a flood recently of beautiful and inspiration energy flowing out there...

I also seem to notice that, as communities develop online, certain bloggers, artists, and yogis/yoginis I "follow" seem to congregate to the same events. Over time, I would check out an event (or website or book) simply because I'd noticed it mentioned on several individuals' sites.

What I am sort of attempting to do below is list all of those wonderful opportunities I've run across in the past few weeks. At the very least, it provides a list for me (so I can close some of these windows and let my hubby reclaim at least one computer) -- hopefully, it provides a rich list of resources for you as well. (But be careful - these can be addictive!)

So many awesome community-building and learning opportunities out there!

I've recently joined Connie's (dirtyfootprints-studio.com) new lovely workshop: Art Journal Love Letters! She does a beautiful job at explaining the class at the site....oh MY I can't WAIT to get started! My hubby doesn't know about the love affair yet, though, so shhhh.....

I'm frantically trying to create something (or several things) to have as give-aways for the One World One Heart project (going on right now, but we have until Feb. 8th to add a link). It is such a wonderful idea! I've been meaning to have a give-away on this blog for quite some time (I REALLY want to give back to the wonderful community that has given me so much)...this is a great way to do so and continue to meet beautiful folk out there.

There are so many other courses in which I'd like to take part - right now it's all a matter of determining what I can afford and what will have to be part of a wish-list for later. I encourage you to visit these sites, if you haven't already - there is some AMAZING stuff out there! And, if you take part in any of this, email me (Lifeunity (at) gmail [dot] com) and let me know your experience!

Where I'd like to be and when (and where you can be too)!:

WishFull Virtual Art Retreat - from April 30th - May 2nd. A plethora of opportunities all in one place and in one weekend...and all can be done in your jammies! What a brilliant idea - a VIRTUAL art retreat! Oh, how I dream of learning from such fascinating women!! (Oh, and the Wish Studio was just featured in the recent Artful Blogging - I won a copy (thanks Mindy!!), received the beautifully packaged magazine a couple of days ago - and have already devoured the whole thing! Gorgeous - check it out!)

Mermaid Warriors! class - Feb 22nd - April 2nd - an exciting opportunity to learn how to teach art to young girls (and, I'd guess, pick up a few techniques myself!). I'm super excited about this one because not only would I learn a few fun tips but also how to pass on this information to bright, brilliant young ladies (including the one shyly hiding in myself). :)

Jenny Doh's Crescendoh website - opening March 1st - will be CHOCK full of items I'll be itching to buy. The site has this logo right now: "Creative Passion * Authentic Community * Focused Compassion" - seriously, how perfect is that?? Jenny has been listing several photos of items to be available on her blog at jennydoh.typepad.com.

Susan Tuttle's (at ilkasattic.blogspot.com) ecourse Digital Photomanipulation 2 - while the current workshop just started on February 1st, she's offering another one in the spring! I love playing with Photoshop and I ADORE Susan's work ... I can't imagine what could come of taking this course!

Jennifer Lee's (at lifeunfoldsblog.com) Right-Brain Business Plan course just started on February 1st as well...but I'm hoping it will be offered again! As all of us creatives itch for the freedom of our own business (or struggle maintaining the one we have), how nice would it be to have a way to organize it all from someone who understands??

Pam Carriker's (at thebagladysart.blogspot.com) course Journal 365 starts April 1st - and goes for an entire year! How exciting is that...creative inspiration the whole year through. As she puts it, I may need to jump on that Ferris Wheel!!

Susannah Conway (at inkonmyfingers.typepad.com or SusannahConway.com) has an ecourse, Unravelling: Ways of Seeing Myself that starts on March 8th. This course I've been drooling over...it combines photography, writing, self-exploration, exploring the senses -- my life's pursuits all examined & taught by an artist I adore!

The Squam Art Workshops (from June 2nd - June 6th) just opened for registration. I'm still dancing around dreaming like I'll be able to make it...we'll see how the stars align!

And Richard's (twomindsmeet.blogspot.com) Philosophy Cafe groups sound awesome...but seeing as how they are hundreds of miles away, I think I'll just stick to enjoying his blog for now. (I'll see you again soon Richard...and bring that $199 with me!)

On top of all this, there are so many books coming out (some already on shelves!)!

Karen Maezen Miller's (mommazen.blogspot.com) The Laundry Line: Care Instructions for an Ordinary Life. (Her first book, MommaZen, literally changed my entire outlook on parenting....and then some. I have two copies right now - one I keep delving into and the other I pass around among friends...and I'm hoping to buy yet another and keep spreading the love! Also, Karen commented on a post I wrote about her first book awhile ago - I was absolutely giddy. It was my first venture into connecting with inspirational women around the globe - and gave me confidence knowing that those I admire are "real" women too.)

Shona Cole's The Artful Mother (Shona has wonderful information listed at shonastudio.blogspot.com - follow the link! I'm anxious for this to come out...this is just what I need right now.)

Kimberly Wilson's Tranquilista: Mastering the Art of Enlightened Work and Mindful Play at tranquilista.com or kimberlywilson.com (One of those lovely yoginis I've followed for awhile - her first book, Hip Tranquil Chick, unleashed the girly side of me that had been lost for too long. Suddenly, it was ok to be a yogini - mindfulness and all - and "hip" at the same time! Ok, so I never consider myself hip, but at least I felt much better about wearing a bit of glitter every now and then!!)

Naomi and Jamie at IttyBiz (ittybiz.com) (wide range of products) While these are e-books, and have been out for awhile...they're new to me! I simply can't decide which class/e-book to choose - I need all of the info. listed. While I don't mind business "stuff", I usually get turned off by the lingo (hence the word "stuff") - I have a feeling that the way their information is presented would fit quite nicely with exactly what..and HOW...I need to learn.

Kathy Cano-Murillo a.k.a. The Crafty Chica has a new book coming out, Waking Up in the Land of Glitter. (While I just recently discovered her, I was immediately smitten by this blog post on living an artful life on her blog at thecraftychica.blogspot.com)

Leo Babauta's The Power Of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential...in Business and In Life - (again, not a new book, but new to me! He also has several wonderful books (and is so generous with oodles of free information) at his website zenhabits.net.)

Jo Packham and Jenny Doh's book (coming in April) Where Women Create: Book of Inspiration. (My first introduction to Stampington and Co.'s magazines were through an issue of "Where Women Create"...is it too much to say that it changed my life? Combined with blogs, these publications have been soooo inspirational for my creative development. I'm always hungry for more!)

Rachel Whetzel (at minetothine.com) was just featured in Art Doll Quarterly, another Stampington publication. (While I generally don't get this particular one, I love following artists whose lives I admire...and Rachel has an exciting one! I can't wait to check out her work.)

And of course, Rowena's (warriorgirl.blogspot.com) work listed at her Etsy shop (Seriously, I DREAM about Flying Girl at night...I didn't jump on one of her earlier works that I really wanted and am now kicking myself for it) and Maya's (mayamade.blogspot.com) Etsy shop (which was just updated...I can't decide whether to buy the pattern or just the burlap bag!!)...

What is a girl to do?!

p.s. I have to add one more recommendation, even though it may hurt my chances of winning: The LOVELY artist(s) at Sleeping Dogs Studio are having a give-away (in honor of her mom's birthday...how sweet is that??) - a totally unique picture frame! I've seen these in person...they are amazing.

If you have any more recommendations (books, websites, events), please let me know. (It's not like I don't have enough on my plate. I'm a glutton for punishment.) If I've missed you and follow your blog, please leave a comment here -- I'll add the info above! I don't want anyone to miss out on opportunities.

However, my hubby just got home and is feeling neglected. Better spend some time with him so he doesn't mind too much while the bank account dwindles down as I take advantage of everything above ..... (oh, do I love that hubby o' mine!!)

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