Movin' Right Along

(Training Update)

As a reminder, I post these for anyone who is "training" or might even consider taking one step on the road to a healthier self....physically and/or otherwise. Keeping that in mind, know that the details I provide are to encourage us to remember the trials - and therefore, accomplishments - that come along with this journey. They are not to discourage anyone from trying to start...or continue.


I ran SEVEN miles last Sunday. Seven. Honestly. And my sister, my lovely, lovely sister, ran the whole thing with me. We went at a slower pace (as she had only run a max of 4 miles before and I was kind of concerned about her pushing it), but both finished with ample energy. My hubby joined us at four miles - I'm so proud of them both.

For anyone who thinks this is impossible, allow me to remind you where we started by referencing this post back in Oct 2009. For those who don't want to visit the link, I was absolutely thrilled to have run (jogged) for 25 minutes. (Which I STILL think is an accomplishment!) The seven miles? We ran for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

I started off as a of those who would joke about other runners. And yet, here I am.

What I've Done:

*Ok, I've neglected to keep track. I admit it. Here's what I remember:

*Tuesday: Dropped my son off at school, left my car there, and ran home. 2.7 miles with some WICKED hills. (Seriously, one is an incline for 7/10ths of a mile.)

*Wednesday: Weight training. Biking (indoors) for 15 minutes.

*Thursday: Ran 3 miles ...outside. In the rain. tee hee.

What I Learned:

*There is simply too much to keep incorporating in these "What I've Learned" sections. Every step is another lesson. All I can recommend is to take that first step...and find out for yourself.

*One thing I will add: Humor is INVALUABLE.

It wasn't raining today when I started running. At around a mile, the rain came in...and the wind was FIERCE. I rounded one corner of the track where the wind was constantly stronger and was PELTED by rain.

I just cried out and then laughed - out loud - for as many breaths as I could. All I could think was,

"I'm doing this! My god I'm CRAZY but I'm DOING THIS!"

How can you not laugh at that?!

Lighten up. Take a step whether its into the sunshine or the rain. Keep your face up and smile.

Be strong and joyful and mindful with every moment....

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