Sneaking Up On Myself

I had no intentions of following through.

I convinced myself that breaking my plans wasn't the end of the world.

I slogged through the have-to's, grudgingly doing only the things that would create more hassle for me if they weren't done.

I kept breathing, although shallow, kept debating with myself about what I should be doing.

I can be quite nasty with myself, so to quiet the bickering I did one teensy eensy little thing that required almost no effort but that didn't have to be done.

Surprisingly, I felt a bit better.

So I did one more ever-so-slight tweak of my plans, took one deep breath amidst the shallow ones.

Each time, I snuck up on myself.

My spirit kept giggling like a child anxiously awaiting to be found in a game of hide-and-seek.

And when the game was done, I discovered I had won.

Amidst all of the complaining and over-thinking and fatigue and groaning....

I found the strength to just move.


What will you find the strength to do today??

(I hope that amidst your journeys you take a moment to visit my sister's new blog, "Kaizen"! She's a lovely mommy starting to sing with her own beautiful voice ... I know if she finds half the love I have through blogging her voice will only get stronger.)

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