Art Journaling In Progress

Please excuse our mess.

We are currently updating our Art Department to give you the best possible experience when visiting LifeUnity!

For you, our special guest, please let us share with you a sneak peak into what we've been doing:

(That all sounds way fancier than, "This is what has been keeping me from sleeping, neglecting my husband and kids, ignoring the housework, and otherwise leaving me in a state of constant excitement and wonder." Take it whichever way you'd like.)

These two pages are foundational works - playing with color, texture, stamps, and oh-so-wonderful gel medium. Acrylic paints, secret tools for texture (didn't I tell you that you should sign up for Connie's workshop??), stamps, glitter stuff. They will serve as a base for something more....

(That's just glare on the right side page...)

The following two pages are using printed photos. The color was removed from the photos before printing (except for the skin tone...I haven't yet figured out how to add that back in with the colors I have), then added back in with oil and chalk pastels. As before, there will probably be more added to these pages.

I took these photos during an amazing visit to the Indianapolis Butterfly Gardens. I had been walking past these plants when suddenly the wind picked up. I felt as if my entire body were in flow with the wave of the arm just became an extension reaching into the vastness. I love looking at these as I am transported back to that feeling of flow....

I added some bling back into my bracelet with some red glitter.

The following is work with a grid...I just haven't gotten around to completing it. Thus far, it's just a pencil drawing (I used a grid from one of my children's card games to create the drawing on the left).

The idea was spawned from another of Connie's assignments - using a grid. The premise is that the divided areas of my life (I'll add photos into the grid sections) are melting into a pool...becoming unified. That wonderful unity is evaporating (becoming one with the spirit) into a free, wild, "Mist"-ical being.

This is related to Connie's foundation of doodling...taken to an extreme I didn't even expect. I printed the picture in the middle (that wonderful image was done by a woman I believe is named Charolette - it is of the Temperance Tarot Card. It was the result of a Google search, and the image can be found here: ). The original image is black and white - I used pastels to color it after adhering it to the page. The lines around were drawn free hand with a black photo marker.

The picture has a huge deal of significance - enough to warrant another post. The doodling around it is meant to be representative of stained glass...and will look much more like it once I get around to coloring them all in!

(Li'l bit of Art Journal Lovin', amidst oh-so-many other projects!!)

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