The Artistic Mother!

I'm so excited - I finally got a copy of Shona Cole's new book, "The Artistic Mother"!

I picked it up this afternoon, came straight home and dove right in. Funny enough, her writing did its job: I was so inspired after chapter one that I put the book down and started making a card! I'm anxious to read more tonight.

Butterfly bookmark courtesy of my daughter who kept flitting around as I was reading on the couch.

Shona mentions in the first chapter to imagine we (she and the reader) are having a conversation while all of our kids are playing. I truly appreciated this...I felt ok from pardoning myself from the book to dance around with my daughter! Bizzare, I know...but mothers - you understand.

For those who haven't picked it up, I would highly recommend it. Check out the reviews on Amazon if you don't believe me. Though I'm obviously still at the beginning, I would guess this book would apply to anyone with a hectic schedule - not just mothers. (Hectic schedule - geez, who doesn't that apply to??)

I'd also recommend you check out Shona's blog, An Artful Life, at: She is an amazing woman - one who inspires me to keep creating - a meal, a craft, a moment - even when the kiddos are at their whiniest.

Artistic Mothers Group

If you do have the book (or are interested in getting it), Trudy Callan at Artistic Creations With Trudy is putting together an Artistic Mothers' group (starting on Saturday, March 6th)! I am so excited to be a part of this community, following the techniques in Shona's book, and finding like-minded souls and support along the way. This is exactly the kind of discipline I need. :)

It would be a thrill to have you there with us! Just visit her blog and join in....

Speaking of discipline, I need to get back to my quickly-being-neglected Art Journal!

Wherever your day or evening takes you from here, Enjoy!

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