Back On Track

I found my way back on the train!!  Thanks for the helping hands lovely visitors!  I can still see Mr. Sick sitting a few cars back, but we've come to terms.  And...WHEW.  My energy is off the chart.

Because of this newfound energy, many projects I've had in the works are actually now getting worked on. (Go figure.)  And because of THAT, I don't have a lot of time to write about them.  HOWEVER, I wouldn't leave you hanging.  Never!

As a heads up, you may notice a few odd things over the next few days while visiting this blog.  If things look a little different, don't fret.  You are in the right place.

You are always in the right place.

I'm finally getting around to implementing this big project I've been discussing (i'm such a Tease...tee hee) and it may cause things to look a bit abnormal on this site.  Ah, but the final results will be worth it.

While I work on that, here are some photos of what's been keeping me busy over the past few weeks in between coughs:

Amidst working through Shona's book & among the many others I still have scattered around...I made my way through this one.  I LOVE IT.  I cannot speak highly enough.  I'll probably revisit it during a later post.

I've pulled out my yoga mat a few times over the past few weeks.  Dilana is always right there beside me - literally.  She has her own mat, but prefers to use mine...particularly if I'm on it.

This is usually what Savasana (the peace at the end of practice) usually looks like.  Hey, this is what yoga is all about.

Aw, look at that sad face.  I decided it was finally time to get that hair cut.  Too many times of tangles, too much trouble every morning.  And just Blah.  It is spring - time for change.

Ahhh! Much better.  (Yea Indiana University!!)

Artistic photo of my Artistic Journal and Artistic soul.

My new discovery! 
(Paint pen.  Ok, not that exciting, but doesn't the photo make it look like it?! 
Admit it.  You're excited.)

The art journal page on which I used that snazzy paint pen.

This reads "Enlightenment for the wave happens when it realizes it is the water", and was taken from a sign outside a Unitarian church here in town.

The background is a random mixing and play of acrylic paints, watercolors, & oil pastels.

The pocket is ....get ready for it....Wax paper!  I just crinkled it up and colored it with oil pastels (on the backside so I wouldn't get it all over myself every time I opened the page).  The pocket is adhered on the sides & bottom with double-sided tape.

The words are written with that lovely new paint pen and outlined with some other nifty glittery paint pens I had lying around.

Inside the pocket are little cards detailing who I know I am...once I allow myself to realize it.

And these babies?  Carried me NINE POINT THREE MILES yesterday.  I ended up having to walk muscles still aren't up to par after being booted around by Mr. Sick.  I'm cool with it.

What I'm kinda bummed about?  My path leads me to a halfway point at a local Starbucks.  (Yeah, I torture myself.)  I learned after my run that it was FREE pastry day at Starbucks!! 

You better believe I would have stopped to take advantage of that goodness had I known.

Silly faces for the sake of being silly.

I've been taking some photos of the kids partly under the guise for the Artistic Mother's Group projects but honestly...I take oodles of photos of the kids anyway.  I hardly ever pose them - I like to remember times like this because this is who they truly are.  *sigh*

We've also visited parks, the zoo, cooked (ok, my husband cooked), rearranged the house, get the idea.  Life stuff.

I'm fumbling for words now which means it is time to get busy moving

A little humorous think-able for our parting:

I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.” -Robert McCloskey

(Try throwing that one into your next disagreement with someone.)

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