Finding My P(L)ACE

I am ever so slowly refinding my energy for training.

This post was a lot longer originally, but I realized I should just get to the point.

I am fortunate that my body is in shape to do all of this. I am blessed to have the time and resources available to run, strength train, swim, and bike, and to have the support from friends and family to make the most of those resources.

For anyone who is on a training path and looking for specifics:

*I ran 6.5 miles on Monday (walked for a total of 2 1/2 minutes during that - not totally pleased that I couldn't run the whole thing or do 7 total - but am reflecting on the afore-mentioned blessings)

*I strength-trained on Tuesday (and felt yummy afterwards - nothing like a little muscle action to make you feel strong!)

*I did intervals on the treadmill this morning for 27 minutes total, following a program mentioned in Runners World (and was pleasantly surprised that I didn't fall off of it! Seriously - had nightmares last night about running too fast and flying off backwards as the treadmill kept right on going)

I am learning so much from this process that I'm having trouble finding the words anymore.

Take a minute and admire your blessings, your strength. Drink it in. It is an amazing feeling to feel the strength that is inherent in your soul, and even more so to radiate that throughout your body.

Whether you run a marathon, walk a path in the park, or find yourself sitting on the front step of your home silent amidst the world around you, breathe in that miraculous beauty that is around you, on your skin, inside your cells, and vibrating in your spirit. "Live Strong"

Inhale Peace and Joy. Exhale your doubts.

Find your own pace.

Be strong with me.

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