Opportunities Abound...

As spring shows its lovely wings here in Indiana, I find myself hoarding the strength and grounding that winter brought. It is so easy to get carried away on days like this - sunshine-y, warm, full of energy.

I thank those who have provided (and continue to provide) me with those ties to myself, my soul, so that my spirit doesn't get to flitty.

I recently purchased an AMAZING piece of art from Rachel Awes at http://allididwaslisten.blogspot.com. I (and others) have long admired her work online...luckily, she just opened her Esty shop! Really...how lucky am I to have this inspiration facing me every day:

I'd go visit her Etsy shop now...you're bound to find one that calls to you.

And WOW - want to know about hidden gems? I've followed Sara Ortiz at her blog (http://creativityonamission.blogspot.com/) for a bit. She recently offered a FREE (yup, free) 30 minute "Idea Jam Session" to the first 20 people who replied. I jumped on it because, well, who doesn't need a good jam session?? (That, and her idea of being a Renaissance Soul really called to me!)

We had our session this morning and I left feeling SO energized. I filled out a questionnaire for her before the call and she just zeroed right in on some ideas that could get me more centered, productive, and moving forward from this point. (Displaying my completed research & art for tangible motivation and reminders that I'm progressing? Love it!! I don't want to give away all the ideas, but she has so many more...) I've already picked up a book from the library that she recommended, "The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One". Hah - I bet that ressonated with some of my readers!

There is absolutely NO reason not to jump over there right now and email her for a session. You have NOTHING to lose and SO much to gain! (Really. Ok, read the rest of my post and then go. The link is right HERE.)

AND - Trudy Callan is hosting the Artistic Mothers Group, based off of Shona Cole's amazing book, "The Artistic Mother"...it starts today! Check out the link at the top of my sidebar! This promises to be an AMAZING journey.

(I ADORE the advice in Shona's book, which I've already been through...and am excited to have some accountability to get some of the projects done! Really, I can't imagine that I will really be holding some of my own creations in my hands soon.

This, on top of the deep messages, fascinating techniques, and stunning insights I keep getting from Connie's Art Journal Love Letters workshop...WHOA.

Given all of the above, I'm trying to come up with a different term for what I "do" than "stay-at-home mom" 'cause, oh my, that just doesn't do it justice. Ah, my friends, but that is another post.

(Ok, now scroll back up and visit those links. You'll be happy you did.)

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