WELCOME my dear friends to the new LIFEUNITY.... and introducing the all new....

*drum roll*

Strength to Be Me is a philosophy, a way of living, a nifty question to ask yourself and, if I may say so myself, a freakin' cool motto

It is also a brand new website, chock full of information you never knew you needed to know.

  • START HERE and Learn more about the philosophy behind Strength To Be ME and all that the website has to offer.

  • Discover not one, but TWO new blogs designed to provide you with tools and insights to STRENGTH TRAIN your mind, body, spirit and soul. 
    • MOVE ME - yoga, running, mediation and more!  (
    • CREATE ME - creative play with mixed media, photography, poetry, and other yummy stuff (

  • Go beyond my crazy stories and learn more about the strength behind other beautiful souls through GUEST STORIES - where gracious guests share their answers to some thought-provoking questions!  (You might recognize a few....)

  • Blow Your Mind with just some of the countless resources available.  LINKS to websites, online goodies, and a huge list of books (pulled right off of my shelf)!  List will be updated on an ongoing's like a wellspring of never-ending deliciousness.

  • In case you didn't find enough tips, tools, techniques, and inspiration throughout the rest of the website, enjoy some FREE GOODIES - including downloadable digital art.  (Stock is currently limited, but I'll be adding more soon.)

  • Been interested but afraid to ask?  Learn more ABOUT ME - from vocational development (*yawn*) to fascinating factoids (*ooh!!*).


  • This blog will remain right where it is. will remain a valid address (no need to update your blogroll or reader).  You'll notice, though, that it is redirected to ""  In the future, you can type either address to get directly to this blog.

  • LifeUnity will be the stories of my strength training - more concise posts about how I'm being ME.  The additional blogs, MOVE ME and CREATE ME, in addition to their own wealth of information, will be where the LifeUnity stories are expanded upon for YOU.  I'll include step-by-step guides for how I create what I do, tips I've learned through my own "training", more in-depth exploration of running, yoga, meditation, a multitude of creative processes, and other goodies designed to encourage you to strength train to live your own authentic life.

  • If a LifeUnity post is expanded upon in either blog, I'll create links from LifeUnity so you can head directly there and keep right on delving into the story.

  • The blogs will be updated on a regular, rotating basis.  The website will also be updated, though on a less regular schedule, with more Guest Stories, Links, Freebies!

  • You should be able to navigate all sites from one another (that is, no matter what blog or page you are on, you should be able to find the other ones using the tabs at the top of the page). 
If all this wasn't enough about which to be excited, I'll be announcing ANOTHER giveaway within the next week to celebrate the new website!

(Don't forget about my poetry giveaway as part of Kelli's celebration of National Poetry Month!)

Enjoy all of the new eye candy and let me know what you think!!  (If you find any broken links or typos, please don't hesitate to let me know.  I'll be embarassed, but I'll get over it.)


p.s. For those regular followers, THIS explains why posts have been few and far between.  I have spent countless hours in front of the computer and let the kids watch far more t.v. than I care to admit...but it's all in the pursuit of BEING ME.  (Don't worry, I'm still sharing plenty of love with my family.  Just don't ask my hubby to confirm that.) 

I'm hoping to get back to more of a regular schedule and share with you the multitude of other goings - on -- including work on the ARTISTIC MOTHERS GROUP, Art Journal stuff, new sketches, running / mini-marathon training ups & downs, yogic techniques that are making themselves OBVIOUS in my life, and so on!!

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