Where I Am.

I used to make short videos all the time. Those videos were just shared with family and friends (no professional stuff by any means)...but I LOVE creating them. There is something about music that just MOVES me. I have videos that I made that I watch now and still tear up. (Awww.)

I realized in all the sharing of my creative exploration, I've never shared a video with you!

Yesterday during a long run, I had the perfect idea for one. I'll post the main video here and after returning from all of my outings today, hopefully more in-depth thoughts at CREATE ME and MOVE ME. (I'll change this intro and add links once I add this, so check back!!)

I am in the process of learning to be gentle with myself without allowing that gentleness to become an excuse to not face levels of uncomfort that will push me into a deeper and more vibrant being.

That's where I am.

More deep thoughts later.

But, for your viewing pleasure and without further ado, the world premiere of my run video!
(Hmm. I need a snazzier title.)

(Yikes: This is my first video upload to YouTube and it appears a lot of the quality of the video & music was lost.  Anyone know if there is anyway to adjust this?? )

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