Life is simply, indescribably, deliciously beautiful.  (Even when it doesn't feel that way.)

Deep Thoughts

Energy Follows Awareness.


How I do one thing is how I do all things.


These two simple but profoundly complex statements have been swirling around me non-stop recently.  I won't elaborate (that's a whole other post I'm hoping to do) but it's safe to say they are altering every journey I am on.

Think about them and test them out in your own life....

What's Keeping Me Busy

* Suzi Blu's The Goddess & The Poet class and all of the resulting sketching/coloring/painting.  Learning to draw and create mixed media art with a uniquely fascinating individual....fun stuff!

* Kelly Rae Robert's Flying Lessons (starts today!).

* Danielle LaPorte's Firestarter Sessions.  I was so unbelievably fortunate to get the "Pay What You Can" offer but, after only reading through one page, am already considering how I'm going to pay the full price.  Seriously.  I believe it is THAT worth it.

* Trudy Callahan's Artistic Mother's Group (based on Shona Cole's book, The Artistic Mother).  I am so far behind on this it isn't funny.  But the spirit of being an Artistic Mother is alive and well within me AND I am determined to finish up the projects at some point.

* Connie's Art Journal Love Letters.  I finished the class a bit ago but keep popping in to refresh (there is SO much juicy inspiration!) and take part in the awesome chats.

*Running!  Yep, I'm still going - albeit at a much different pace.  I'm only running 3 or so times a week now and at an average of 2.5 miles / run.  But I LOVE it. 

* Planning out our summer.  Our son finishes up Kindergarten this week (*sniff*!!) and I am faced with figuring out how to educate, entertain, and show my undying love to my two kiddos each and every day...all day long...while still getting all of the above accomplished.  We've gotten a few workbooks from Half Price Books & I'm working on a schedule to make sure we all don't go crazy!

(Yeah, perhaps I've taken on a bit too much.  Oh well.  That's how I roll.)

Things You Should Check Out

* The guest stories that Kathy (Everyday Kathy) & Rachel (Rachel Awes) have shared at Our Stories...beautiful ladies honestly sharing their selves. (I have more yet to be posted...)

* Yet another weekly giveaway at Sleeping Dogs Studio.  They do AMAZING work (frames, cards, etc) and invite guest artists as well for weekly giveaways.  (That means Free.  You get something for Free.  It is possible!)  This weeks giveaway is a gorgeous pair of earrings.  I don't understand HOW, but the comments are very few on these giveaways (as low as ONE)...so your chances of winning are OUTSTANDING.  (You won't even have me to compete with: I've won TWICE so in fairness to others am refraining from entering for awhile.  It's very hard.)

* It's another Pay What You Can!  The generous Carmen Torbus is offering a Pay What You Can WEEKEND (until Monday, May 31st) for her Spill It Revisited online workshop

I know I'm forgetting something.  But a peanut-butter-and-jelly-smeared-face is calling for my attention. (My daughter's.  My hubby can take care of his own face.)


I'm away from most of my pictures but always like to include something in my posts.  And, because I told a few people I'd share it...and because it happens to still be on this camera card.....

We watched our wedding video (which I just had converted to DVD after 10 years...yep, we're old enough to have NO digital records of our wedding!) the other night.  The kids saw me in the wedding dress and commented they'd like to see me "look like that again".  (No offense taken, but it's going into the "comments-that-will-be-brought-up-when-you-are-older" file.)

So I pulled out the ol' wedding dress (which is horribly stained and we have no idea from what).  Guess what?  Still fits!

We may be getting rid of it soon so I thought I'd take a few last photos.  I don't even have my editing software on this computer to make the photos better. 

Wrinkly & stained (the dress...NOT me...), but here ya go:

Blushing bride?  Not exactly.

Have a beautiful Memorial Day weekend.

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