Run with your IPod

I ran this morning.  And when I say ran, I mean jogged.  And when I say jogged, I mean painfully-sweated-through-an-a.m.-something-or-other-where-I-was-moving-my-legs-with-no-real-intention-other-than-finishing-so-I-could-get-some-water.

I THANK all of those who commented that I motivated them to start running or exercising or just plain moving because it is You who now motivates me.  Knowing you were out there - somewhere - this morning got me out of bed and on the road.  Around 2.5 miles later I was done, but so grateful I had done it.

And oh my, those thoughts that come during running.

I ran this morning with my IPod.  During the last few weeks of training for the mini-marathon and during subsequent runs (sadly around 1 time / week), I have rarely used it.

It was interesting - the entire experience felt different.  I had an awareness of how the tempo of the music effected my mood, my thoughts, and my pace.  I watched as I got carried away on thoughts that were drilled in from lyrics (You better believe I'm a fighter, Miss Christina!).  I listened as my mind defined hills differently - SO easy or freakin' impossible - depending on what part of the song I was on. 

I wouldn't say it was better or worse than running without music...just different.

And so it is. 

No right or wrong, just different.  Different perspectives, ever-so-slightly different experiences that create different definitions that create more blissful awareness of the depths of possibility in each moment.


My yoga has consisted of a few sun salutations and legs-up-the-wall while devouring a delicious book (Women Who Run With the Wolves...yeah, I'm probably the last one to read this).  It is my yoga practice for the day.  Different than other days, perhaps, but not wrong.

As far as the writing?  I am writing this blog, emails to customer service providers pleading for information on how a domain transfer happens, and a great deal of journaling as I delve into thoughts prompted by Flying Lessons and The FireStarter Sessions.  I've counted some words in the journal but want to focus more so on the awareness that I am writing and that whatever form I'm using, to whomever it is directed, it is important.

Right then, right there, it is my voice and everything it has to express in that moment

There is no right or wrong way to express it, just different ways.  Today, 800 words is probably too few to share it all.  Tomorrow, 800 might be far too many.

Amidst the journaling, I keep my sketchbook close by as thoughts prompt visual inspiration.  I sketch, following lessons I'm learning in Suzi Blu's class, which sometimes releases my thoughts...and sometimes brings them right back flowing through my pen into my journal.

Playing with perspectives and keeping entertained by it all.  Tomorrow, I might forget to do this and get bogged down by the crap that I keep tripping over throughout the house.  The day after, I may remember...I may not.

Day after day, not right or wrong.
Just different.

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