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  Hello dear blog friends!  I have had SO much going on - too much for one post!  Releasing my belly and putting everything out there has made so many things swirly in my life.  It is beautiful & terrifying all at the same time.  That on top of two kiddos at home (i.e. no school...)...whew.

I promise to share some of these things with you but it might take a few more hours to get these experiences into words.  DEEP stuff, I tell ya.

Life is continuing outside of deep, swirly energies though!  To keep things rolling at LifeUnity, let's start off with the beautiful and the more light:

First - several days too late, Thanks so much to Kathy at Everyday Bliss for an amazing Blog award!

Seriously, to be a Blog with Substance?  Exactly what I'm going for...such an honor to be thought of as such!

Kathy has not one, but TWO outstanding blogs with oodles of substance as well...writing that is directly intertwined with her daily life.  Now THAT is substantially inspiring.  Everyday Bliss ( and Everyday Mommy ( ).  I truly honor her discipline in not only living her virtues but sharing the process with us as well!

OOOH, and Kathy also featured me in one of her posts - on MOXIE!  Whoo hoo! check it out here!  I am SO SO honored!

(Don't forget - Kathy shared her story with us as well at Our Stories!)

Ready for something BIG?  I have no doubts you that you are.

Check out the BIG workshop that just opened over at Dirty Footprints Studio!  I've already joined up...and hope you do too, soon as space is limited!  

Explore, play, LIVE BIG.  Class starts in July and believe me, you owe it to yourself to go through this process.


The new Handmade Writer class starts on June 28th!  Offered at Bring Yourself, the last class received some truly inspiring reviews.  (Check them out here.)

I haven't had a chance to take this class yet but am so excited to explore it.  (Alas, the other classes I'm in have tied me to a chair and made me swear I'm not going to commit to anything else until I finish at least ONE.)  Please, take it and share your wisdom with me!


The lovely Sara at Sara Ortiz Workshops has provided me with some WONDERFUL answers for a guest post at Our Stories!  I'll have them up within the next couple of'll want to be watching for a chance to get to know this inquisitive beauty.


I promise, More coming VERY soon - from more lovelies to share with you to some oh-so-deep life-changing revelations in my own world....

Yoga+fearless painting+writing+Belly Love+awareness = 
one stunning day after another.

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