21.5.800 (Yes, That's the title.)

A series of numbers and the title of a challenge I just ran across via Susannah Conway's blog.  This challenge is hosted by Bindu Wiles, a lovely woman whose site I also just ran across.

The challenge is for 21 days (starting today, June 8th), 5 days of yoga a week, and writing 800 words / day.

And guess what? 

I'm joining up.

I know, I know...I said no new things.  BUT, to be fair, I'm already trying to re-establish a daily yoga practice.  While I will try to focus on doing on-the-mat yoga for my own disciplinary reasons, I also firmly believe in a broad definition of yoga.  (See Susannah's take on the matter.)  As long as I am intentionally practicing yoga, I'm going to count it.

And the 800 words  / day?  Again, I'm already technically working on this one.  They'll probably be broken up across different projects, but between the free writing, journal writing, and blogging that I'm trying to incorporate daily this should be a breeze.

As Bindu put it on her blog, "The main point is to get writing writing writing and push yourself with loving-kindness to get that thing out that is nagging at you and to go beyond what you usually do. To carve the space for yourself that creative works requires."

Now THAT is  a practice I can incorporate no matter what I'm doing!

I'll post updates periodically on here and probably through Twitter (Did you notice I'm on there now?!  Holy schmoly, I've joined the trend!!  Click on my "Follow Me" button so I can feel loved...)  However, this process is primarily another way to strengthen my own discipline.

Feel free to check in with me if you'd like.

And why not join yourself?  Everyone could use a little more lovin' and creatin' in their lives.  That's all it is...a challenge to find your spirit and soul again.

Mmmm.  Sounds nice, eh?

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