With summer here (at least according to our calendar) and both kids at home, we've all been playing.

We're playing with each other, by ourselves, and with our schedules.  We're playing with this change.

We've played my way.

Indiana Vintage Wine Festival
They did have kids' events & tents for those parents they knew couldn't stay away from a wine festival but who simply had to bring their children along.  I promise they didn't have a horrible time.
Not that you would believe that by my son's face.

We've played their way.

at The Splash Pad,
an area maybe 10 minutes from our house that opened last fall. 
We just learned about it today.  Open Fridays-Mondays...and FREE. 
Looks like we just found our new summer hangout.

Day by day, we're figuring out how to play together.

As with all things in life, lessons learned in one practice apply to all practices.

With my art and developing vocation, I've been playing.  If I try to take it too seriously, I get frustrated and want to quit.  (Same with the summer...if we try to adhere to much to a schedule or "shoulds", things seem to fall apart.)

So instead of stressing over the lessons I'm getting from Flying Lessons or the FireStarter Sessions or Suzi Blu's Goddess and Poet course...I'm just playing!

making notes for myself on ones I like.
Also...hubby decided to play.
That's his little figure above the top head.

playing with shading and hairstyles with Prismacolor colored pencils

These are all "not exactly right" if I look at them and scrutinize through work eyes.  My mind picks out all the things that aren't right with the final outcome.

But looking through my play mind?  Ah, the process was delicious.  I'm loving just sitting down with a pencil and creating.  My mind revels in all of the things that are right...that I'm doing this (!), that there is beauty in each one, that this is really my life.


Each day now, I play.  With the kids, my art, my schedule, my tummy (suck it in. let it out. suck it in. let it out.), my perspectives.

Want to join me?? 
Let me know how you plan to play!


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