Emerging Through Creativity

Big, big, big, big.

How could I have known that one little class could have made my life so BIG?

I am so thrilled to be discovering myself in ways that I've never explored.  Yoga and the amazing teacher training that I went through led me part of the way - creative radiance has led me the rest.

I think I've been neglecting my blog some recently because the words are starting to melt away leaving just a creative blob of pooled BE-ing behind.  Can't you just see the swirled, glittering colors dancing together?

I am still running (ok, WAY less than I desire to...but I'll blame that on the weather for now).  I'm still parenting our kiddos.  (Including our son who just broke his collarbone this past week!  He really isn't in pain...which is good and bad because he often forgets and over-does it.)

Life still goes on.  But this little process of painting, sketching, and creating is altering my life!  I've said it before and I'll say it again.


A recent creation, which took probably 3 nights of "play" (actual size is a bit bigger than a poster board):

I started with only blue swirls and went from there.  One of the most difficult parts?  Sticking with it.  I started the green "leaves" and almost quit they were taking so long.  But I kept going...good life lesson there.

The second night, I felt it needed unity - something that tied the swirls, the blue waves, green "trees", and copper "fire" together.

I emerged.  The elements of the picture truly came to represent all that I've been through...the lessons, the stories that make up me.  I am emerging through those.  They are still part of me and yet, I am not underneath them - defined by them.  I am unified.  (And yes, intuitively I recognize the elements that weren't intended to be there but ended up coming through!)

There is so much more behind this painting, but I just want to share with you the "final" piece and let it take you where it will.


I don't care if you are a business-minded soul who is focused on the bottom line or living your life swimming in the back pools of mountains - I cannot encourage you enough to find your creative soul.  I don't mean you have to paint or draw (though it can teach you a lot about moving beyond those "I-can't" fears!)...but just  create.

If you do yoga, next time you head to your mat at home...create your moves.  Flow with music and create body & breath moves that bring a smile to your face and to your soul.

If you run, next time your shoes hit the pavement....create a Run.  Change your path, change your awareness (the souls/soles of your feet, your breath, the clouds...countless options!), change your breathing pattern.  Create The Run that is you.

I could go on, but honestly...I want to go paint. ;-)

BIG news coming tomorrow...stay tuned!!

p.s.  I will continue to thank you for your comments!  I've not been able to reply to them but am reading Each and Every one....YOU keep me going!  Merci from the bottom of my heart.

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