Today, I celebrate Freedom.

I celebrate and honor those who came before me and those whose lives happen during my own - those who I will never know - who bravely and selflessly lived and died for my freedom.

I celebrate the fortune to have been born in a place where I can freely speak my mind and not be punished by the law for doing so.

I celebrate the freedoms I am discovering through art and releasing of shoulds.

Today so much is shifting.  I have yet more awareness.  An awareness of the interconnectedness of this all, of the importance of patriotism yet the neccessity of celebrating without borders, an awareness of true, honest freedom.

I am Free to Choose to be Me.

Every single day, every single moment of my life, I am free to choose how I live, what thoughts I think, how I let those choices influence the next moment.

I decided to remind myself today.  (See below)  When my mom saw me, she said, "Do you really need a reminder?".  I thought for a moment and said gently, honestly, and with assurance - YES.

Yes.  We all need to be reminded every single day that we are Free.

To my brothers and sisters in the United States, Happy 4th of July.
To my family throughout the world, Happy Freedom.

Lisa Wilson3 Comments