Done And Just Beginning

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Where, oh where to begin?  When transformation happens this quickly, how do I keep up with words?

I once heard a quote, "People always change.  They just forget to tell one another."  Hah -- well, I'm trying not to forget all of you but GEEZ...where are the words?

BIG painting, courtesy of an amazing class offered by Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio, is shaking things up ...Big time.  How so?

(All of these are done on simple posterboard with either Liquitex Basics paints or Tempera paints.)

Painting.  Done without thinking.  Moving, my body and my soul.

Each reflects a mood, a way of being truly in the moment.

I am sensually engaged in these paintings.  Even now, I can't help but run my fingers over the dried, textural paints.

They spoke to me as I was creating them, and they speak to me now.

This one?  A fierce, fast, furious painting that was interrupted only by 5 minutes of strong Yoga as the black paint dried!  (I had Godsmack playing and my body wasn't about to stop moving while waiting for PAINT to dry!)

I had no idea what I was creating in the process, but after the black, red, and blue paints were applied, I was told to be DONE.

Done with the painting.  Don't add any more sad colors after working through the anger.  Don't try to make it pretty.  Done with what is no longer serving me, with people, places, thoughts, and things that don't affirm my true nature.  Done with what no longer acknowledges and accepts my humanity and done with what no longer recognizes and celebrates my divinity.

Just. Done.

From here, I've kept right on going.  Another painting that I plan to hang in our kiddo's room.  Art Journaling that is finally looking like something that I created...instead of something that is just a copy of someone else's technique.  Days that are finally turning into a life lived instead of one just intellectualized or studied or imagined or wished for....

This is my journey.

This is the beginning of something huge and the continuation of something even bigger.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for travelling with me.