Creative Process

Hello lovely ladies & gentlemen!  (And those, like me, who admit they may not be such a "lady" but are totally cool with it.) :)

As part of the super-speed life changing path I'm on, I picked up a few books from the library today that were recommended in our Big tribe (merci, Connie).  I've started a couple of pages of the first one, "Trust the Process: An Artist's Guide to Letting Go" by Shaun McNiff....and already feel that I have come home.  This book was written for me.  (Ok, the author didn't know that at the time, but I'm sure it was.)

In between the words on those first pages, the questions I've answered for Ms. Carmen Torbus, the fascinating processes going on over at our Big Tribe, the fearless painting and art journaling, and the movement I've been asking my body to do over the past few weeks...I am swirling in and creating a very focused tornado that is *thwip*ing away everything I don't need and honing me in just where I need to be.  (There's no place like home!)

(Speaking of movement:  This morning, after a rough morning, I went downstairs and closed the basement door.  I knew I need to "workout" in a sense...getting on the elliptical the other morning made my whole day better.  But the elliptical wasn't speaking to me this morning.  So I just turned on Itunes (Madonna!)...and DANCED.  Wildly.  Quite silly.  Freely.  I worked up a sweat and it felt awesome.  I am definitely doing this workout routine again and celebrating that there is no "right" way to move!)

I feel quite alive right now.  It isn't a wild, out-of-control-this-can't-last kind of alive; rather, a peacefully energetic way of Being.

It has found root within my soul.  Finally, I feel as though these bits of my life - life coaching, photography, study of holistic wellness, yoga, art, even work in scientific research - are finding a common language with which they may speak.  It is refreshing...they've each had so much to say.  All I can do is giggle at the conversation.

It is that conversation that is radiating light, energy, stories that are finally ready to be shared.  Ah, how I laugh at the beauty of all of this!!

I explore who I am and thus, what LIFEUNITY as a blog, a vocation (voice), is and is becoming.  One thing I wrote on an art journal page I decorated today?

It is "Creative Expression that simultaneously celebrates our humanity and our divinity".

(Copyright Lisa W, 2010....) ;)  It is a big idea.  I know this.  It is deeply seeded in my being.  It is the song I am here to sing, the stories I am here to share.

I can't wait to see where all of this is headed, but I promise that I will share this silly, light, delicious love with anyone who wants to journey with me.  Let's keep doing the dishes (at least enough to have for the next meal), the laundry (or at least navigating the piles), grabbing for the wine when the kids finally fall asleep, crying when the bills come, maintaining our to-do lists....and ever-so-slowly allowing our creative nature to streeetch, awaken.

When the creative process becomes part of the party of our lives, it's going to be a wild ride where the spirit won't be able to stop smiling.

To celebrate with a mantra of sorts that a dear friend kept with her during an overseas trip.....
Let's repeat together....


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