What It Feels Like

What does Big Fearless painting feel like?  How does living Big feel?

I don't have just one answer.  I don't think there is just one.  But I do understand how it feels, how my soul moves when I'm in flow with it.  I'm sure I'll have more responses to this, but here's what arose today:

Big is textured.  Life is so much more fun when we can delight in the hills and valleys, run up to create a sweat then slide down and feel the wind in our face.

Big has its own frame.  Putting something this big behind glass and framing it in denies anyone else the delights of touching it, experiencing it as the artist did.  Keeping something confined or trying to preserve anything forever ironically kills the essence of the life that is trying to be grasped by the receiver and radiated by the giver.

Big is wavy.  And straight.  And curved.  And spiraled.  There is no right or wrong direction in Big - just different paths.

Big is glittery.  Because glittery colors, glittery surfaces, glittery bodies reflect a delicious light that twinkles and dances and reminds us that we can do the same.

Big painting uses a palette knife from time to time.  Being big means using what is available in a variety of ways so the process can be explored and the outcome unknown.  In this way, life is celebrated.

Big is splattered.  Why not?  Big likes to play and play...and revel in the beautiful unexpected results.

Big sometimes uses a heat gun.  Big can be impatient.  And human.  And frustrated and angry and jealous and frightened.  Big means being it all.

Big is messy.  Because so is life.  (FYI, being big one also delights in finding magnificence and creatively incorporating that which is often discarded.)

Big brings out the bling.  Big breaks out the fine china on a daily basis, wears the little black dress just to go groccery shopping, tosses rose petals around the house just to delight in how they feel underfoot.  Big isn't afraid to bring in a little glamour...juuust a dash...to remind us how delicious every moment is.

Big is indescribable.  It means different things to different people.  It can seem ugly, intriguing, boring or endlessly fascinating.  Big doesn't mind.  It just goes on being big.

(Big is already hung on the wall.  Because there is no reason to wait until tomorrow to celebrate.  Speaking of...join the Tribe who know how to unearth and play around with being Big.  Don't miss out!)

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