I Am Crazy.

I openly declare it.  And I found something to hang in my home that tells me it is ok.

While shopping yesterday in beautiful Nashville, IN, I came across a box sign by Primitives by Kathy.

I fell in love with the message but in honor of trying to reduce impulse purchasing, didn't get it.  It kept floating through my head all night...so I went back today and purchased it.  No regrets.

This message may become my new life mantra:

I'm not familiar with the artist, though I was told Kathy does all of the art and welcomes input from anyone and everyone on the quotes.  Regardless, she/they have a wide range of box signs here and - as I just discovered - a wealth of other whimsical and crafty goods as well!  Visit Http://www.primitivesbykathy.com to find out more.

I declare right here, right now:  I Am Crazy.  And proud of it.

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