The Secret is Out!!

EEEE!  Ok, so I JUST wrote a blog post (see below).  Immediately after, I got an email and, well....I just have to share!

I am a contributing artist for Connie's new workshop, 
21 Secrets: An art journal playground!!!!

Ooh, there is so much yumminess here I don't know where to start.  This workshop will officially be announced in a couple of weeks and will begin on October 1st.

Go HERE  to learn all about it...and get as excited as I am!!

21 different artists, including Connie (, will be contributing TONS of juicy secrets about Art Journaling guaranteed to get your passion going about the process.

Never attempted art journaling?  Guess what - no problem!  My workshop is just one of many that will introduce you to the process:


Why in the world would one want to do this thing called “art journaling”?

Even if you wanted to, how would you know where to begin? And that stuff, “gesso” – do you apply it or eat it?

We all start somewhere. Those with a wise beginner’s mind start again and again. Journey with me as we explore why & how one would go through this process of art journaling, including a detailed look at some of the basic materials used.

(A little tip before we get started: No, you don’t eat gesso!! )

You simply HAVE to check out the other contributing artists as well.  Just because I don't want you to have to jump around much, here they all are in one nifty spot:

Andrea Schroeder 
ABC Creativity
Angelia Thompson
Angelia’s Art Journals
Connie Hozvicka
Dirty Footprints Studio
Dawn Sokol
Effy Wild
Wild. Precious
Emma Peabody
Treehouse Jukebox
Hanna Andersson
iHanna’s Blog

Heidi Newstrand-Dilley
Jonathan “Blade” Manning
The Artistic Biker
Kelly Warren
Artful Happiness
Less Herger
Comfortable Shoes Studio
Lis Hofmann
Dandelion Seeds and Dreams
Of course, moi: Lisa Wilson
Life Unity
Natalie Malik
Awkwardly Beautiful
Paula Phillips
Journal Artista
Samantha Kira Harding
Journal Girl
Sarah Whitmire
The Paper Phantom
Tami Chacon
Dream Wish Hope
Tracie Hanson
My Blooming Life

I TOLD YOU!  Look at that delicious buffet of artists!!!

TWENTY-ONE workshops.  Oodles of videos, PDF's, and instructional guides.  All in one place.

Registration starts September 17, 2010.  DON'T MISS OUT!!

(And don't worry.  I'll keep you updated here.) :)

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