My Birthday Wish

(First, the fun:)
Look who came to breakfast this morning:

 Is that not the yummiest breakfast??
(I did only eat one muffin...while delicious, Shed Project begins today.  See below)

 Seriously, my hubby is awesome.

And then....well, then I go downstairs to try and catch up on a few things before we take the kiddo to the bus stop and go for a long morning walk.

And what greets me?

YEAH.  THAT. Hubby MADE that gi-normous easel.  For Me.
(I made the mess below. :)  Leftover from a past-midnight effort for the 21 Secrets Workshop!)

I told him a while ago I really wanted a cloth drop cloth in my ideal studio.

Best. Hubby.  Ever.

I am so absolutely giddy.  He's even taking about making another smaller one I can have for travel.  (This sucker is a heavy one...but absolutely Perfect for BIG painting.)

Seriously freakin' awesome.


My Birthday Wish (es).

1) The SHED PROJECT begins today.  That it coincides with my birthday is absolutely beautiful.  I will make a more official shed intention list in the upcoming days, but my birthday began this morning with shedding - and I thought I'd share:

  • Negative thoughts.  (Especially when the alarm is going off)
  • A straight face before my feet hit the floor. (I'm gonna smile, regardless of whether or not I feel like it)
  • Stress About Schedule (Kiddo forgot his backpack and we made it just before the bus; we ran into a friend and ended up talking which pushed our walk way back - I'm so thankful for the opportunities)
  • So so so much more...this is just the beginning
2)  I wish to recognize every day is as special as my birthday.  Yes, I will only turn 33 once. (Yup.  I'm 33.  Which as a loving friend put it, rounds to 35.  Which rounds to 40.  It's all over.  Hah!  I LOVE my age!!)   But there will only be one 9/15/2010 in my entire life.  I will only get to celebrate 9/16/2010 one time.  And 9/17/2010?  One shot...and then it's gone.  

So today, I am not trying to escape from my life and make my birthday one big old get-away.  Instead I am doing a trial run of my ideal day - a healthy walk in the morning, time spent with family, some interaction with my project to-do's, some art, play with the kids, a chat tonight with my Tribe Sisters, healthy food sprinkled with a little diet coke in between, a bit of laundry and dusting, and an intention to savor every up and down moment and repeat again tomorrow.

3)  I wish to feel the force of my inner drive so strongly that I can't help but to live authentically and strongly and with a peaceful awareness and a Dalai-Lama-like smile.  And as I do, I wish to radiate it so that you can't help but to feel the pull in your own core.  And I wish that you find all of the resources necessary to radiate as well until we are just one big ol' glowing group.

4)  I wish to live my vocation.  To sing my song whether I'm chatting with the person scanning my grocceries or an artist or a well-known superstar or my daughter or son or mom or simply alone with my own thoughts.  I wish to feel no more tightness in my throat; that honesty flows freely and softly.  That my art - that which takes form as my song emerges - passionately embodies and reflects that.

5)  I wish....

You know what?  I have so many.  But instead of wishing, I'm going to go live.  Starting with the video for 21 Secrets, a bit of play on my new easel, and lunch with hubby & daughter.

It is a BEAUTIFUL life.

May we all find reason to celebrate today.

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