21 Secrets: An Update and Brief FAQ

(More wisdom that I tapped into on my walk yesterday forthcoming.  But first....)

If you've been here before, you've heard me praising the upcoming workshop 21 Secrets: An Art Journal Playground.  (Designed and orchestrated by the splendid Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio.) (And Yup. She's one of the teachers.  And so am I.  Which, among other reasons, makes it totally awesome.)

(Please note: I have fixed all of the links...I just found out yesterday they weren't working.  *sigh*)

I hope you have also had a chance to visit Paula's FAQ video (a.k.a. JournalArtista) in which she answers many of the questions about the workshop.

As I've been quite coy about everything that's being offered, I figured it was time to come forward and be straight with you.  I've had a few questions come my way so thought I'd offer my own little FAQ!  The teachers are all over the playground these days, tidying up their workshops, videos, lovely photos...and I cannot be more honest when I tell you that it is AMAZING.  Seriously freakin' amazing.

Let me fill you in on the details:

Registration is already open.  
The workshops will be accessible starting Friday, Oct 1st.

So how does this thing work??

You will have access to all 21 workshops (and all the goodies inside those workshops) on Oct. 1st.  You will continue to have access through Feb. 1st.  This is a limited time...however, there are countless PDF's available for you to download and keep. You can play in the morning, afternoon, evening, or late at night after everyone else has gone to bed.  24/7 the playground is open for you!

The 21 Secrets workshops are all on a NING platform.  If you are not familiar with Ning - it is a very easy to use site.  All of the workshops will be on one page and you can click forward and back to navigate through them.

What happens when I sign up??

You will receive very straightforward emails that will direct you what to do.  You will fill out your NING profile but will not be let into the playground (i.e. have your membership approved) until Oct 1st.  (You have to allow us time to get it all clean and pretty for you!  We wouldn't want to you to get hurt on a rusty nail or something.)

What do I get?

21 different artists showing you a wide variety of techniques and insights.  (Some going bigger than the journal, some using fabric, some on handwriting, some on paper-cutting, some on travelling, and so much more diverse wisdom!!)

I can only speak for mine and what I've perused over at the playground, but there are TONS of PDF's (you know - those things you download and can keep forever), Videos, instructions, suggestions, whimsy, ...even areas for students to chat.

So what about your workshop?

Oh, I'm so glad you asked.  My workshop is "The Secret of Beginning".  It is directed towards newcomers to the Art Journaling community as well as more veteran journalers who have lost their mojo when it comes to journaling.

I have four different discussions:

  • What Is Art Journaling?
  • Why Would Anyone Want to Art Journal (when there is so much else to do)?
  • Approaching the Page: The Materials
  • Our Stories (the place for us to swap stories)

Included in these discussions are: 28 minutes worth of video tutorials (a page from start-finish showing you oodles of materials and the process behind the page), PDF's describing materials - both a general overview and specific ones I use in the video, a fun artsy PDF I made with prompts to get you thinking about journaling (or just life!), and countless suggestions and techniques on beginning.

I have made a point to infuse this workshop not only with art journaling specifics, but also to encourage you to take the process beyond the page.  Art journaling is only the beginning....

But I Don't Art Journal?!

Do you want to?  Take the workshops.  Do you not care about it?  Don't take the workshops.  I'm not trying to sell anyone who doesn't care a cookie about the creative process on these workshops.  Just skip to my next post where I talk about something other than 21 Secrets.

I AM trying to encourage everyone who yearns for a more creative lifestyle, new ways to express themselves creatively, who is interested in exploring how art journaling can be done and taken beyond the page, and basically anyone who has read this far to SIGN UP.  

If you have ANY other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at lifeunity (at) gmail [dot] com.

I hope to see you at the playground!

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