The FireStarter Sessions - Sale!!

For those who have not heard of Danielle LaPorte, you need to check this out.

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From now until this FRIDAY, OCT 1, she is offering a buy-one-get-one-FREE offer for the Firstarter Sessions!

If you are familiar with them, now's your chance to jump on an unbelievable opportunity.  If she keeps coming up in your searches, take this is a sign that NOW is the time to jump on this.

**I will say it again below, but please remember: I will never promote something on this blog that I don't firmly believe in.  This blog is my brand is my vocation is ME - and I'm not about to be fake.  Been there.  Done that.  Didn't work.  Moved on.**

For those not familiar with Danielle, I am thrilled to be your introduction.  After following her blog for a bit (, I simply fell in love.  (Don't worry.  I'm not the first to admit my love for her.)

Danielle LaPorte is the creator of, which has been called "the best place on-line for kick-ass spirituality." An inspirational speaker and business strategist, and former think tank exec, Danielle’s new digital book, THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS helps entrepreneurs rock their career with integrity, audacity and their truest strengths.

Danielle is an uber-successful, tell-it-like-it-is, positively inspirational woman.  The Firestarter Sessions are her in e-book form.
Here's the description:

How's your cashflow and your mojo?
Does your vision match your reality?
Does your brand match your soul?
THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS is: an e-book meets video transmission of acumen and love. You: are likely sitting on an empire of content, product, services, and prosperity that needs a spark -- or blow torch -- to take you to the next level. You: want to rock your revenue streams and do meaningful things in the world.
Worksheets that help you draw conclusions, quick videos with motivational punch, connections to current thinkers, practical smarts, and frank wisdom -- THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS is packed with inspiration that you will put to use.
Danielle has worked with 462+ entrepreneurs in her 1-on-1 Fire Starter consults (which are $500 and booked six weeks in advance.) For CEOs, coaches, artists, retailers, bestselling authors -- from site design to big dreams -- Danielle’s strategies combine passion with pragmatism to get to fulfillment and cash.
Each chapter is it’s own “Fire Starter Session” that includes: e-book components, video inspiration or interviews, and worksheets.
Some of the sessions are: True Strengths & The Metrics of Ease; Branding: Clarifying the Diamond of You; Products & Services: Making Stuff That Feels Good to Make; Money: More is More, Enough is Plenty; Web Design & SEO: Your Virtual Real-Estate…and dozens of tips and motivating perspectives.
In addition to getting Danielle’s deep and detailed knowledge, THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS brings you contributions from some A-league marketing strategists, pro-bloggers, branding experts, and creativity coaches.
Whether you’re in the early idea phase or a well-established rut, Danielle’s thorough, witty, and experience-based advice will most certainly light a fire under your…aspirations.

You get all of that for $150.  But WAIT!

With the current special going on, you could:

  • split the cost with a friend or online contact at get it for only $75!  OR 
  • you could purchase one now and give one away on your blog (imagine the traffic that would bring!).  
  • You could buy one now and create something for which people could register...and give it away then.  

Countless options.

(Karma note: This is an affiliate link - so purchasing through these little buttons helps me keep paying for the tools I use to pass along my info to you!)

As I've mentioned before, I only pimp things on this blog that I believe in.  I have the Firestarter Sessions.  I LOVE the wisdom within.  They have helped me narrow down ideas that have been present for years and provide practical techniques to implement those ideas.

I jumped on the opportunity to purchase these on sale when I could and I have absolutely no regrets.  If you have any questions about my experience, I am more than happy to answer them - just email me (lifeunity at gmail (dot) com)

If you are at all interested, don't miss your opportunity!

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