Vibrant Creating

There are many ways to both become aware of vibrancy - that energy that makes us feel alive - and to BE vibrant - to express it.

I practice yoga - on and off the mat.  I run. (Ok, less so recently.)  I sing in the car.  I do random acts of kindness.  I hike.  I journal.  I play games with my kids.  And throughout many other things, I create.

Creating through fear (as I'm exploring on my Fearless Painting path) taps into that vibrancy, puts me in harmony with those waves of energy that just make me tingle.  I usually end up with some fun creation - but more importantly, I am more vibrant myself.

Here I am...completely not vibrant (hah!) after a few nights of not sleeping well....holding my newest creation to give you an idea of its size.

And here is the completed piece.

(Painted with acrylics...on fabric.)

I adore the sensual nature of the final piece, one that started with no goal other than to tap into whatever message my creative source wanted to share.

I started with swirls and ended with what you see here.  When I view it, one word keeps coming to mind:


I see my vibrancy and I see yours.  Let's keep tapping into them together.

Lisa Wilson11 Comments