The Little Pieces

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The little pieces of life are so important.

The tiny bite balancing on your fork in front of your lips, the short thought that crosses your mind when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, the little whiff of nature's fragrance when you open the door and step outside...

And how you engage with those little moments? Equally important.


Do you taste that bite? What is that thought about your self - is it positive or negative? Do you even notice that fragrance...and where do you let it take you?

To be sensually present with what is in front of you, to hear your thoughts that guide your actions, to be aware of what is happening in these mundane moments...this allows for a life well-lived.

And you may already know this.... but how easy it is to forget! 

Our lives, they race on - one day melting into the next. One to-do after another, appointment after appointment, meal after meal.... life slips by unless we consciously engage with the little mundane moments.

I've become more and more interested in the things that remind me of this, of the practice of being engaged with the mundane moments.

I've found that the reminders are crucial to helping me live this type of mindful life. If I'm not constantly reminded, I tend to go into default mode...letting each moment slip by without giving it my full attention.


This afternoon, I found a little piece of fabric in my house. I've no idea where it came from, but I loved the feel of it when I picked it up.

An engaged moment. Feeling what was right in front of me. Pausing in my rush to be with what is.

So I took out a Sharpie and wrote a little reminder on this piece of fabric.

I'm leaving it out by my computer for as long as it continues to capture my attention, letting it remind me to pause and delight in this little piece, this little sensory moment.


May you find many little pieces of your life to enjoy today.

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