It's one thing to want to be mindful, to desire to be present for your precious days. It's completely another to actually practice doing so.

When our minds are filled with thoughts of finances, the daily to-do lists, the upcoming projects, and what's for lunch, it can be difficult to add one more thought of remembering to be present for it all.

I've created a new series of art pieces to help.

From L to R, "Grass is Greener", "Passion", "Stay Calm and Go Deep". Each 10x20, acrylic on 1 1/2" deep gallery wrapped canvas.

This series, entitled, "Pause", invites you to take just a moment as you go about your mundane business to pause, breathe, and drop fully into your body and into this moment.


Each piece offers a meditation spot - a clearly defined shape, line, or form that captures your attention away from jumbled thoughts. It allows a place for your eyes to rest as you return to a few full inhales and exhales.


Each one also offers an abstract surround to the meditation spot. This surround, unique to each piece, allows for greater exploration of a particular concept. If you desire more than just a moment's pause, the surround leads you into a deeper contemplation that can introduce new perspectives and ways of thinking that you can carry with you away from the canvas.


This series is just one part of my renewal and clarification of the purposes of BeingBreath art.


I've always stated that I don't want my art - whatever form it takes - to just evoke a response of, "that's pretty".

My art - acrylic, encaustic, photography, writing, mixed media, and more - is meant to invite and evoke an experience of engagement with What Is.

I want you to see (or touch, hear, taste, or smell) what I have to offer, and for it to pull you into at least a few easy breaths. The longer you stay with a piece, the deeper its effect will be.

I'm calling my art, "lifestyle art", because it is truly a part of a way of living, a way of being in this world. BeingBreath is not just a business name for paintings and classes for sale.

BeingBreath is a philosophy on living (and dying), perspectives on experiencing life as a flowing dance, and a very practical way to be present for our mundane matters. 

The art I provide is mostly soft, inviting. We live in such emotionally and mentally harsh environments that such invitations are often welcomed - and sorely needed. The reminders to pause, to breathe, to experience what is right in front of and within us are what I want to provide.

But life is also dark, uncomfortable, and challenging. I find it essential not to run from those aspects, either. My art, therefore, will reflect those aspects of being from time to time, inviting you into those spaces as well to contemplate and experience what you will.

Another in the Pause series, "A Pause - Because I (Fucking) Can", invites a moment of presence within a more wild and chaotic scene.  24 x 24, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas


I'm excited to bring many pieces - originals, prints, and some brand new items - together in one place on May 1, 2015.

I'll be in Indianapolis at the Harrison Center for the Arts as part of the Mother Artist Market, and chatting with as many people as possible about the experience of BeingBreath. If you are in the area, I'd love to see you.

Drop me a note in the comments below and let me know - in what ways do you remember to be more present with your own daily doings? Do you want to be more so, feeling as though life is rushing past in a blur? What challenges do you face?