To Help You Remember

When I write a post, it is with the hopes that it will leave you with something.

By ever-so-slightly changing your thoughts, I invite you into a new way of seeing and being in your world.

But I often wonder what happens when you and I part ways from our virtually shared space.  I worry because, if you are anything like me, when the screen goes away, so does most of what was just read.

I offer my art pieces as reminders that you can keep with you when the computer or phone is shut off.  Originals or prints can be hung around your home to help evoke a certain feeling or thought, or perhaps just a deep breath.

But while those pieces can be quite powerful in a certain space, they can only be in one place.

What happens when you are in the car in the middle of rush hour traffic, and you are more focused on the people cutting you off than on your breath? What about those times at work when stress swells and "mindfulness" is way down on the priority list? What of the time spent on the computer, scrolling through Facebook or bouncing between 25 open tabs, when you are so zoned out to what is going on around you that a gorilla sipping a cup of tea could sit down next to you and you wouldn't even notice? (Hey, it could happen.)

I want to offer something addtional - a reminder of your practice that you can take with you.


Pause Spots :

Repositionable stickers that you can place anywhere and everywhere you might need one, designed to help you remember to Pause. Breathe. and Be.


The stickers are small enough to be placed on the dash of your car, the bottom of your computer monitor, your bathroom mirror, or even on the top of your shoe. The vinyl stickers are repositionable, so once you become accustomed to seeing one somewhere (and thus, start to ignore it), you can pop it in a new place and remember to Pause all over again.

Each pack comes with 12 stickers, so that you can place reminders in the many places you might forget your practice of presence, and so that you can gift a few to someone else who might need to remember to Pause every now and then.


The Pause Spots will be available for sale at the Mother Artist Market at the Harrison Center for the Arts (Indianapolis) on May 1st from 6 - 10 p.m. 


Any remaining stock will be available, first come, first serve, online. ($7.50 + S/H)

If you are interested in a set of Pause Spots, please email me ( so I can put you on the waiting list!


There's no time like the present to remember the present ... Pause with me. Breathe.