21 Days To A New Life

If you are new here, I encourage you to take some time to read through the previous posts and to look around the website. Why? Because I want you to understand who I am, and how much I value integrity - i.e. inner values matching outer actions. Being open and honest is at the core of who I am, and who I choose to be through my art and my business. As you read on, remember that everything I offer is coming from that place.

If you have been here before, you know that I'm interested in all aspects of life. I talk about creativity, share my art and photography, chat about mindful living and eating and laundry care, and even parenting. This post is going to be completely in line with that, but delivered in a bit of a different format. I had to do this to try to describe, in just one post, a journey of 3 weeks that has changed my life.

I invite you to celebrate and to explore with me...

What This Post Is About

Back in early February, I started following a few high school acquaintances on Facebook. (Our 20 year reunion is this year - YIKES! - and FB is a great way to reconnect.)

One of those women was constantly posting things about fitness, and something called "BeachBody" and "Shakeology". I'll admit - I thought, "good for her" several times, and scrolled on past.

When she mentioned something about a free, 30-day ab challenge, that's when I paused. I signed up, and was hooked on the simplicity of daily challenges (and the fun of seeing other group members posting their successes...and not-so-successes...in my Facebook feed amidst the other random cat photos).

Only a week in, I craved more. The person with whom I connected had another online challenge starting - a "21 Day Fix" that was part of this whole BeachBody thing. I spent a few hours one night researching (admittedly trying to find negative reviews...which I couldn't). The next day, I ordered my program. 

On May 10th, I began the journey of the 21 Day Fix.

This post is a very honest review of what that was all about...and where I am now because of it.

My Initial Hesitancy

I'll admit - I'm not one to spend a great deal of money on a whim. There's something that tightens up in my gut and makes me breathe shallow each time I think about spending even a moderate amount of money. (Yeah, I have issues there.)

The 21 Day Fix was what I considered to be a larger sum of money. It was certainly within our budget, but it wasn't a planned-for item...which made my breath start to go shallow.

Beyond that, I wasn't feeling the "BeachBody" name. Every video I watched had some focus on change, on sculpting some perfect-looking body. I admit - I want a sexy-looking body just like anyone else, but I am also VERY into loving the body as it is, fully. My initial snarky - yet quite truthful - response was, "I have a body. I can go to the beach. So voila - I already have a beach body."

And then, there were the container sizes. (See more about this below.) They looked TINY. I'll admit something else - I like to EAT. I might be a vegetarian, but I'm not one of those rabbit-types that can munch on a few leaves of lettuce and suddenly feel full. I love my breads, my cheese (oh how I love my cheese), my iced chais, my veggie chips... and to think I'd have to reduce my meals to those little-itty-bitty containers? Yikes.

Why I Took The Plunge

I sat down with my husband and introduced him to the program while I was deciding if I was going to purchase it or not. I shared my hesitancy and my continued, underlying pull towards the program. (I'm not sure why....but I just WANTED to do it, despite my fears.)

We agreed that if I did it, he would join in with me. The Challenge Pack came with the containers + Shakeology (see more below), but instead of ordering 2 Challenge Packs, we decided he would just do protein shakes and share my containers + workout DVD's. We figured that this was a test run for us both.

We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

The containers? Well, this was one of those we'll-just-have-to-try-it things. I saw a lot of people online posting about how you get more food than you think, despite the size of the containers. (Honestly, I thought, "yeah, right. May work for you, but honey, I need to EAT.")

And the money? It only took us a few minutes of talking to realize that, while it seemed like a lot up front, it was easily going to balance out -- and possibly be LESS than what we'd spend in May on food / drink anyway. How so?

On this plan, we weren't going to be drinking alcohol. We regularly drink a LOT of alcohol. (We love our local breweries, and would get 1-2 growlers a week at around $15 / growler. Add to that the higher-end 12-packs of beer that we get and bottles of wine for parties on the weekend...our alcohol expenses alone would cover the cost of the program).

We also used to eat out. A LOT. While we could still dine out on this plan, it would be a lot trickier (at least until we got used to the portion sizes). Buying fresh foods from the grocery instead of making almost daily trips to Jimmy John's and Noodles and Company would easily save us a few hundred over the course of the program.

And then, of course, there were the actual benefits of the program. If we could really stick with this (and hey, it's only 21 days, 30 minute workouts, and no calorie-counting...), imagine what we might accomplish? Could we really get into the healthy eating that we'd so long been meaning to do? Would we actually lose a few pounds, or tone up those areas that have been getting flabbier and flabbier?

Beyond the surface results, what might we discover within ourselves that could strengthen us far beyond the 21 days? (Ok, that last one was mine. My dear hubby didn't really care.)

It was decided. We were in.


The Process


About The 21 Day Fix and BeachBody

You can easily Google, "21 Day Fix" and find a plethora of Pinterest Boards, blogs, and information about the program. (Go ahead, try it.)

I'll sum it up here in case you don't want to go look:

BeachBody is the umbrella company. They have programs such as P90X (which you've probably heard of), Insanity, and the 21 Day Fix, among many others.

One of the company's primary nutritional supplements is "Shakeology" - which is a drink mix / meal replacement. It isn't just  a protein powder - it has other goodies in it, too. You can learn more about that here. (opens a PDF for you)

The 21 Day Fix? It's a 21 day program (aptly named, eh?) that incorporates healthy eating (none of those processed foods that filled my pantry before this program), portion control, and daily, 30-minute workouts. 

You figure out your caloric needs, then determine the fix-category in which you are in. (For example, I was in a 1200-1499 calorie range. Sounds crazy, no?! Seriously - I was probably eating around 2200 calories a day before this. I wanted to cry.)

Based on your calorie range, you get "x" number of containers per day. There is a red container (protein), green container (veggies), purple container (fruit), yellow container (carbs), blue container (healthy fats), and orange container (seeds and dressings). [I was allowed 4 reds, 3 greens, 2 purples, 2 yellows, 1 blue, 1 orange, and 2 teaspoons (oils and nut butters...like peanut butter...yum).] 

Basically, anything you can fit into one of those containers from the approved foods list is a go, and you can arrange your containers any way you'd like. You might eat one meal with a red, a green, and a yellow (an omelette with veggies + a waffle, for example). Or you might spread things out over the day....there are many options I won't get into here.

There are also scheduled workouts for each day of the week: Total Body Cardio, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Cardio Fix, Pilates, Dirty 30, and Yoga. And yes, they are really just 30 minutes each. One workout a day. (You can double up if you choose on the last week.)

I want to share so much more about it (and am happy to answer questions), but I'll share at the end how you can learn more.

What I am more interested for you to read is MY PROCESS...the personal stuff behind the program.


About MY Process

When I first received my kit, I was like a kid awaiting Christmas. I pulled everything out, read it twice, and created a chart for Week 1. On that chart, I listed exactly what I would be eating and when, allotting myself the appropriate number of containers each day.

I then made a shopping list, and asked my husband to fill in what he needed.

(My husband, on the other hand, looked at everything and made a 1-day list of meals he would eat. He planned on just repeating that every day. Call it efficiency, laziness, whatever ... the initial idea worked for him.)

I took my kids with me to go shopping a day before the program was to start. I told you I was going to be completely transparent about all of this, and I think this is valuable information to share: Our grocery trip (at Kroger) cost $178.79. That was for all of the produce, ingredients, spices, and so on that we determined that we'd needed for the first week of the Fix.

Keep in mind: We had very little to no produce in the house. We had a pantry full of chips, cereal, wheat thins, and a fridge full of cheese cubes, iced chai concentrate, and Mac N' Cheese leftovers. Basically, we were starting our healthy eating from scratch.

The night before, my husband and I took our "Before" photos, took our measurements, and weighed ourselves. We'd spent the money, we'd committed. All that was left now was to follow through. 

I'm going to be summarizing the process from here, because there is simply too much to describe, given all that changed in a short 3 weeks. I'll be writing more posts to expand, but want to give you the important points below. [Be sure to read the "RESULTS" where you'll see the most profound points]


The First Week and Food

The first week was TOUGH. I totally admit to crying a few times. Granted, I was also in the final week of coordinating an event on which I'd been working for 7 months. My stress level was sky-high, yet I was determined to stick to the diet. The workouts weren't bad (though I modified every single one), but the food part was so so psychologically challenging.

As I'd mentioned, I liked (like) to eat. I hadn't realized just how much. A few wheat thins here, another decaf coffee with artificial sweetener there,...before the program I was constantly munching. (It is easy to do when you work at home.) When I had to track everything, suddenly a small handful meant I had to cross of a container - which means I didn't get it later in the day.

It took me several days to figure out what foods were best to eat, and when. (I'll write more about this later)

Online Group

The online support group was a tremendous help with all of this. From sharing snacks and recipes, to general "been-there-done-that-you-can-DO-IT"s, all it took was a quick peak online to get me through at least another hour.

Hour by hour, breath by breath, bite by bite.

Workout DVD's

The daily DVD's? I actually looked forward to most of them. Being able to roll out of bed and just hit play made a lot of my previous excuses against working out invalid. There is a woman in the videos with whom I know many people have fallen in love - Kat, who does the modified versions of the workouts. She was my savior several times when I totally hit my wall and thought that I couldn't do another rep.

The change in routines from day-to-day was also refreshing. I never got bored. (Though I did learn which days and which exercises I DIDN'T like to do...which added another layer of mental challenge towards facing those days / workouts.)

My husband, as I mentioned, was also doing the workouts every day. (I've okay-ed with him sharing all of this. I want to emphasize that ANYONE can do the workouts.) He hadn't worked out in months, and falls into a medically "obese" category. And he did the DVD's - every single day. Modifications here and there, but he made it through every single workout.


And while I was leery of the whole "Shakeology" thing, I ended up loving them. They were easy to incorporate into my diet from week one, and even became my daily treat.


The next two weeks of the program were where the results started becoming more and more apparent. And here is where I am getting excited, and the whole point of sharing this (long) post. I'm happy to share with anyone more details of my process, but am too anxious not to just jump right now to.....


The Results

If you've scrolled down here looking for the "Before" and "After" photos, you'll have to scroll a bit further. I'm sharing those, but I also strongly feel that those are NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT RESULTS OF THIS PROGRAM.

My body did change. But what I find most exciting, most unbelievable, most rewarding, is what changed in my mind and in my behaviors.



Here are the changes that I can put into words:


I learned how to STOP using food / drink for COMFORT and how to eat more MINDFULLY.

This one is the most powerful result, by far. If you know anything about me, about BeingBreath, you know how much I value mindfulness. I fully believe that most of us live unconsciously, driven by habits that are steeped in feeling comfortable in the moment, and that most of these habits lead to negative consequences over time.

I am going to expand, in another post, how important food / drink is to our well-being. But when I was feeding myself to feel comfortable in the moment, I was creating long-term consequences and furthering a habitual rut.

Day after day, I looked forward to an afternoon iced chai to soothe my energy slump around 2:30 p.m. Day after day, I'd have a bowl of cereal in the morning to give me something to munch while I scrolled through Facebook. Evening after evening, I'd have a bowl of wheat thins + cheese cubes while my husband and I slouched on the couch and watched our shows.

None of these things alone were particularly harmful. But the unconscious paths I was creating WERE harmful. I had trained myself to grab food at the slightest sense of discomfort or boredom (just as I had trained myself to grab my phone and check Facebook when I couldn't decide what to do next).

I had no idea what I was actually eating (and it didn't bother me that I couldn't pronounce most of the ingredients), no idea the amount of calories, no idea the amount of sugar. I wasn't fully appreciating the connection between the food / drink I was consuming, and the resulting thoughts, behaviors, and energy levels during my day. Like most of us, I'd just learned to associate food with weight and/or body size. My weight was okay, I accepted my body as it was, so I didn't see the problem with continuing on as I was.


The 21 Day Fix forced me to come face-to-face with these unconscious habits, and to acknowledge the true consequences my diet was having on my well-being.


After 21 days, I am PROUD to say that, even on day 22, I am eating MUCH more mindfully. I habitually reach for carrots now instead of cheese cubes, La Croix or plain water instead of a can of soda, my Shakeology instead of a 3rd cup of coffee or second iced chai.

When I'm tempted for a sugary treat, I am able to take a breath an consciously choose whether or not I'm going to indulge. 

I agree with a point my husband also experiences: I taste food differently now. It makes it far more enjoyable to eat a salad with balsamic vinegar, kale, tomatoes, and a dash of mozzarella cheese. Before, it was just that healthy thing to eat before I got to my slice of pizza. Now, it is a filling, rewarding, and taste-filled meal in and of itself. (I know it sounds odd, believe me. Remember how much I mentioned I liked to eat? But I'm reporting the honest-to-goodness truth here.)

Eating healthy IS my comfortable - and conscious - choice. 


I can dance the dance between loving my body AS IT IS and loving the engagement of making it stronger and healthier.

I have struggled with this for a very long time. There are no shortage of arguments on either side of this debate.

We are to love our bodies, as they are; to embrace fat rolls and stretch marks and wrinkles; to toast with our glass of wine at night and indulge in the chocolate piece (because we deserve it, dang it!); to stop trying to be any BODY other than you are. YES!! I get it, I agree!!

On the other side is the fitness push. We get this one body, and we should fuel and exercise it well; daily exercise helps you feel stronger and have more energy; a preservative-filled diet just isn't healthy (and can be flat out exhausting); a glass of wine can lead to another and late-night munching binges; diet is crucial to maintaining well-being, and an abundance of added sugars in our foods is slowly killing many of us; we can be STRONGER than our cravings; and frankly, it is fun to look and feel socially attractive. (Shallow as it may be, it's true.) YES!! I get it, I agree!!

My mind has nearly gone insane trying to understand where I fall in all of this. A few years ago, I wrote a post about the belly rolls and how I was holding it all in. I love that post, and still believe it. But I also have written about the benefits of running, both for the body and the mind. I've shared my experience of the sprint triathlon, and the power I feel after a workout I didn't think I had the strength to do.

I love feeling in creative engagement with my body (through what I'm putting into it and how I'm using it), being able to feel my ab and bicep muscles, knowing the sensations of a bone and muscle dancing together in a yoga pose, being aware of the physiology of my breath as it enters and leaves my body.

So I'm supposed to squeeze my rolls with deep-felt love and simultaneously find the strength and willpower to do crunches to make those rolls disappear? YES.


I get it now.

There IS a dance between loving one's self, fully, AS YOU ARE, and loving the process of engaging in creative changes with the body and mind. 

It is a tango, and just like a tango cannot exist without the opposing elements of fast and slow, quiet and loud, neither can well-being exist without the simultaneous appreciation for what is, and the desire and willingness to creatively explore and change.

Believe it or not, the 21 Day Fix provided just the right beat I needed to dance this dance.

I definitely don't look like some of the poster-models of the 21 Day Fix. (And I still might not after 2 or 3 more rounds.)

I still have my stretch marks that resulted from an un-medicated birth to a second child that was over 9 lbs ... and I love them. I still have hips that stay square when they bulge out instead of forming a sexy little curve, a butt that sags a bit, a roll around my waist, and a little flabby bit by my armpits. And I love it all.

But I also have definition in my abs where I didn't before. I have shoulders that are more sculpted, biceps that pop more when I flex and pick up my kids, calves that don't jiggle when I walk, and more ease in maintaining an upright posture (versus slouching). And I love all of that, too. (Especially knowing that I got all of that in just THREE WEEKS.)

And my mind? Much more at ease now that I am dancing instead of fighting. I love it all....the body as is AND the changes.

Who knew a diet / workout program would create a realization that is much more profound and applies well outside of a diet and workout?


I unconsciously cut out most additional sugars, lowered my carb-intake, and significantly reduced my reliance on processed foods.

I have to tell you: If you would've given me a diet and told me that I needed to do all of the above, I would've slapped you. (Okay, I would have politely smiled and said thanks, but no thanks. But I would've felt like slapping you. NO ONE was going to take away my cheese cubes and iced chai.)

And yet, for whatever reason, the food lists for the 21 Day Fix worked. Perhaps sneakily so, they don't include processed foods, they greatly reduce carbs (particularly processed ones), and they all but eliminate additional sweeteners (particularly the artificial ones). I didn't even know I was doing all of that....I just focused on the joys of being able to eat 2 hard-boiled eggs and only counting it as one container! (Hey, it's the little things.)

I "cheat" differently now.

I find that word, "cheat", to be amusing. The only one setting the rules for this program, truly, was me. No one would know if I ordered a small pizza for myself at lunch and stuffed the box at the bottom of the trash can.

The only way I could really "cheat" was by going against the rules and expectations I set for myself.

And that goes way beyond a BeachBody program...that extends far into other areas of my life as well.

Before, and perhaps in the first week of the 21 Day Fix, "cheating" meant that I did ANYTHING that wasn't specifically written out as okay in the guidebook. An extra almond, a bite of my daughter's dessert, a too-big-splash of milk in my coffee - *gasp*!

If anything, my "cheats" - or my adjustments to my expectations - are far healthier than they were before. 

Do you want to know what my best one was / is? My Shakeology. I used chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry packs, and made a variety of the fun recipes that were included with the program. Originally, I'd planned to have my Shakeology after my morning workouts. But I loved them so much that I saved them for my 2:00 afternoon treat. 


22 days later, and I'm all but eliminating the word "cheat" from my diet-related vocabulary.


Because this is about a lifestyle, not a set of rules.


I am integrating healthy eating and working out into a daily set of activities that also includes painting, playing with my kids, and doing the laundry. I don't consider it "cheating" if I don't fold the clothes when they come out of the dryer or if I don't get to my paints one day. 

Likewise, I've started having a glass of wine a few nights a week, a bite of a chocolate bar here and there, and even an iced chai or two. (We might even head out for a beer this weekend.) I don't feel the cravings I did before to rush to those for comfort, but I do mindfully enjoy them when I have them now. We even ordered pizza a couple of times in the past 14 days. (Thin crust)

In between those times, I'm eating kale chips and freshly-ground peanut butter (with no additional sugars) and greek yogurt with a splash of honey and cinnamon. 

This is my life - one conscious choice at a time.

No cheats, only choices.


I have more energy, and on a more level basis.

I'm attributing this both to the low sugar / less processed foods and to my Shakeology.

I have no doubts that my body is now getting far more nutrients than it used to. I have no doubts that the oodles of veggies, proteins, and even carbs are helping with this, as is the variety of ingredients in the daily Shakeology's. (You can read more about that here - (clicking will open a PDF with the benefits / ingredients of Shakeology). (I'm not trying to sell it, just inform you of my results and what is in it.)

I don't experience the drastic energy level drops that I used to have in the afternoons, nor the annoying energy spikes I used to have at 11 p.m. at night.


This is huge. My husband and I have ..... (insert drum roll) completely cut out our consumption of diet coke.

Some of you might laugh. (I would.) But my husband was probably drinking close to 2 liters (or more) of diet coke a day. I was probably at a liter or so. Every. Single. Day.

The health consequences of these choices were easy to ignore and to justify. After all, almost everyone we know drinks sodas. It's odd to find a restaurant that doesn't offer them, and there is an entire aisle with countless choices at the grocery. And we certainly didn't FEEL any different because we were drinking diet soda. No calories? Sure, why not?!

You may or may not be aware of the dangers of soda consumption - diet sodas included. If you aren't, Google it. It is enough to say here that it simply wasn't healthy.

Given the depth of the habit, my husband admitted right up front that he didn't think he'd be able to do it. (I didn't struggle as much, particularly when we found La Croix, which provided the fizzy-rewards.)

Read this part slowly and with dramatic tones in your head: 5 days before the end of our program, my husband thought he would "cheat" by getting a diet coke at work. He happily filled it up, took 3 sips...and couldn't finish it.

The diet soda that he craved for YEARS was now too sweet and undesirable.

This was after ONLY TWO AND HALF WEEKS of changing his diet.


(I had a similar experience when trying to add a sugar-free vanilla syrup to an iced coffee at Starbucks. I simply couldn't finish it.) 

This might seem trivial to some, but is quite profound to us. 



We provided new examples of healthy daily-living for our children.

Okay, maybe this one is the most profound. We weren't necessarily unhealthy as a family prior to this...but we certainly weren't the model of health, either.

I've mentioned before the number of times that we'd eat out in a week, and our reliance on processed pantry-foods for snacks. Our kids were sort of used to mommy running in the morning, but more used to mommy and daddy having a drink (beer / wine) at night and ordering pizza for dinner.

In the past three weeks, we've eaten out only a handful of times - and most of those times were at a new health-foods grocery that just opened near us (Lucky's Market). We were able to choose healthy, sometimes locally-sourced ingredients, scratch-made items, and oodles of delicious choices from their salad bar.

At Lucky's (and at our local Kroger, in the bulk aisle), the kids have found a new love for shopping. They love to handle the brightly-colored veggies and fruits, and now even glance at the back of boxes and jars to check out the nutrition information. (Part of this comes, too, from watching a movie together on Netflix - Fed Up - which I'd highly recommend.)

At home, instead of munching on the baby carrots from the bag, both kids now know how to shave their own carrots. We are buying the full-size, organic carrots, and everyone is appreciating the difference in taste.

We snack on kale chips (the kids don't mind them), apples with the core cut out and filled with just-ground peanut butter, greek yogurt with a variety of berries, and more. 

Don't let me fool you: They still have the occasional boxed Mac N Cheese, candy left over from the last day of school, hot dogs, and make sandwiches frequently for lunch (with a jelly that they chose out from the market). But they expect now, instead of Jimmy John's for lunch, a home-prepared meal with ingredients that they helped to choose.

As far as the workouts, they've seen us get up every single morning and make exercise a part of our life. Our son did the ab challenge (an additional program I did for the past month) with me for a bit. Our daughter took it upon herself to be our cheer-leader whenever she was around, to help us through the 30 minutes. And both of them have joined us for a few minutes of working out, commented on (and committed to) their own unique health choices, and joined us in family activities such as bike riding and tennis.

That we are changing ourselves is enough. That we are influencing our kids in such positive ways through the process? Profoundly rewarding.


Finally, The Physical Results

(If you scrolled down here just to see this, I highly recommend you then scroll back up to read the other results. They are far more important.)

Yes, we did experience what I'd consider a dramatic physical change (for only 3 weeks of diet / exercise change).

I've run maybe 3-5 times / week for years now, plus done yoga and the occasional half marathon, biking, and/or weight training. I wouldn't consider myself out of shape.

But I've never lost weight nor noticed significant muscle strength from any of these things, even when I tried to change my diet.


For whatever reason, the 21 Day Fix provided physical results I'd never been able to achieve in any other way.

Again, in JUST 21 DAYS.

My husband's results:

  • Lost 7.6 lbs

  • Lost 1 " off his waist

  • Lost cravings for diet soda, many sugary items, nightly beers

  • Gained strength and ability to last longer (without modifications) through workouts

  • Is ALREADY REPEATING the 21 Day Fix!!

My results:

  •  Lost 7.4 lbs

  • Lost 1.5" off my waist

  • Lost 1.5" off my hips

  • Lost 1.7% body fat

  • Lost all cravings for diet soda, unconscious reliance on iced chai + other foods for comfort, and eliminated need to constantly have food/drink nearby

  • Gained strength and ability to last longer (and with fewer modifications) through workouts; gained flexibility, ab strength and definition

  • Already ordered PiYo (another BeachBody program) 

  • Am CONTINUING on general 21 Day Fix eating plan, slightly increasing my calorie intake but continuing healthy-eating choices (including fewer added-sugars, little to no artificial sweeteners, greatly reducing processed carbs, etc.)

The Before and After Photos:

(The photos of my back and the areas around my waist / hips are where you can see the most change. I feel the most strength change in my abs and arms.)

   This was all WITH a few nights of pizza, some wine, and over-doing it on a couple of indulgent salads....even though that last one seems a bit healthy. I could've received even more weight loss without those things, but again - this was about a LIFESTYLE.


This was all WITH a few nights of pizza, some wine, and over-doing it on a couple of indulgent salads....even though that last one seems a bit healthy. I could've received even more weight loss without those things, but again - this was about a LIFESTYLE.


(And yes, it takes a lot to post something like this. There's a difference between being happy with my body and being willing to share photos online of myself in clothes I wouldn't choose to wear in public. Just acknowledging that.)


After ALL OF THIS, I can't HELP but want to share the possibilities of these changes with you.

This is what I do through BeingBreath - encourage both of us on journeys that lead us towards more mindful, awakened, creative, and healthy lives.

So how am I doing this now?

I've become a BeachBody coach.


I've experienced this, and believe in its power so deeply (including and beyond body transformation), that I HAVE to share.


What You Can Do To Join This Journey

Transparency and honesty galore:

I WANT TO HELP YOU to experience even a part of what I'm experiencing. That is the primary reason I am doing this. I could do that for free, by directing you to the person who brought me into this.

But I signed up to be a coach. That means that if you sign up for a program through me (my unique link), I'll get point / financial benefits for you having done so. After all that I've shared with you, I hope that you fully understand that those rewards are the extra cherry on a cake (an all-healthy cake, of course). If you want to share your gratitude in that way, super - follow the links below. If you don't, fine - just head to any BeachBody site and sign up there.

But please, give yourself a few minutes to explore the program. 

I'll encourage you to check out all of the programs that BeachBody has to offer, because if they are anything like the 21 Day Fix, I'd confidently recommend them.

However, I will only speak to my experience - and that, thus far, is with the 21 Day Fix. (I'll update on another post later when my PiYo program arrives!)

It is perhaps perfect timing that the 21 Day Fix Challenge Packs (meaning the program + Shakeology + online support) are on sale for the month of June.

You can choose from the 21 Day Fix, the 21 Day Fix Extreme, or 21 Day Fix Kickstart, or the 21 Day Fix Extreme Kickstart.

You can learn more about those HERE.


(You can also just buy the programs without the Shakeology. I'd recommend trying the Shakeology for a month just to test it out, then cancel if you don't like it! Regardless, the fitness + diet parts of the program are highly beneficial on their own.)

You can check out the 21 Day Fix without Shakeology HERE.


the 21 Day Fix Extreme without Shakeology HERE.



Good golly, do I want to answer them! COMMENT BELOW or email me at Lisa (at) BeingBreath.com.

I am so enthused about this... in case you can't tell already.

Here's to the body, our breath, and the mindful awareness that helps us to appreciate and creatively engage with it all.