You Don't Fail Until...


It was a rough night.

Two days after finishing the 21 Day Fix, and I'd done fairly well. I'd had some glasses of wine at night, and snuck a bit of chocolate here and there, but was otherwise sticking to my new healthy-eating lifestyle-diet.

On Monday, I had skipped working out. On Tuesday, I chose to "just" do my ab challenge workout (which ended up being around 15 minutes of ab work).

Tuesday afternoon, my kiddos had invited their friends over. One thing led to another, and suddenly I had 5 very sweet, but very summer-ready and enthusiastic kids in the house. We ended up having them over for a pizza / movie night....which meant I had to order pizza.

It's like telling Superman he needs to head on Amazon and place an order of Kryptonite.

Thinking I'd at least avoid some temptations, I ordered a thin crust for myself (and my husband after he got off of work).

Several hours in, and I'd only had 2 pieces...quite acceptable for the expectations I had in mind.

As the night wore on, and the kiddos went home, I found myself grabbing one more piece here, one more piece there. A simple glass of wine, and I honestly lost count of how many tiny squares of pizza I had. (It didn't help that they were cut so tiny little "eat-me-it-doesn't-really-count!" pieces.


This morning, I woke feeling less than stellar. Two days of not exercising after 21 days of doing so every single day, and an evening of mindless munching led to my body remembering the consequences of such behaviors.

It was then that I had a choice. Consider the aftermath of the program a failure, and head straight for a bowl of cereal ... or realize that every moment is a moment to start new, and simply try again.

Given how I was feeling, as opposed to how I WANTED to be feeling, it wasn't a difficult choice.

I did my ab challenge and a 21 day workout, had a couple of hard boiled eggs (and coffee - of course), and tapped back into that energy that had kept me going only a few days before.

And you know I like to talk about one thing "begetting" another ...

A healthy morning left me feeling great. Summer break usually means grabbing lunch out somewhere, but I decided to use my new toy - the Veggetti - and make "zoodles" (zuchini noodles).

30 minutes later, and the kids and I were sitting down to a healthy lunch. And they LIKED IT. (We even talked about other sauces we can make and other veggies that we could spiralize.)


Think about this for a minute: I didn't fail. I changed paths, then changed paths again.

If you are feeling like you failed in anything, realize that THIS MOMENT is a new moment. Another choice to make. 

Make it mindfully.


p.s. If you want to join me on the journey, I'll be diving fully back into the 21 Day Fix again in a few weeks! You can learn more about the program (and order it) HERE ... and leave a message below letting me know if you have any questions and/or are interested. We'll do this TOGETHER!