Should You Stay Or Should You Go Now?

This post has been weeks in the making. It hasn't been released before now because I've struggled with where to begin, how to word it, what is most important to you, the reader, when is the best time to share it....

In all of that thinking, there's been no action.

So screw it. Here it is, in all of its messy, wordy, but honest form:

BeingBreath is changing. 

Why and How?

I've become deeply passionate about Well-Being. That's the basic Why.

I wake up passionate to move and to share, spend my days exploring what it feels like to eat a plate full of veggies for a meal (and what it feels like to have wine at night...or not...),

and I fall asleep reading books on mindful eating, nutrients, anatomy and physiology, and movement-based healing.

It feels as though I've come HOME. I've embodied all of the practices I've preached for years, and now the next logical step is to invite you along the journey with me.

So What does that entail? I'll get to that in just a second. (Scroll down to the aptly-named, "What does this Well-Being thing entail?" section if you are anxious.)

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  • You'll be noticing some rather major changes around this site, too. The blog isn't going anywhere, nor are the art pieces + mindful-based products. You'll just be seeing MORE of those...and for those so inclined, more available for purchase. (Have you checked out the new prints already available for purchase yet? Click here, or on the "purchase" tab above...)


  • In addition, you'll be seeing more writing, resources, and even courses offered on Mindful Well-Being. 

We're going to tackle it all and leave no stone, exercises, breath awareness, creative practices, and moving your booty (and getting it back on the meditation cushion).

We're doing it all Beginning With Awareness.

That's all. No judgments, no weight-loss goals, just awareness.

From there, we move into contemplation, then creative action...and we cycle through it all again. 

The only goal, if we have one, is to fall in love with the feeling of well-being. It might take a bit to get there, but once you FEEL it, all of the other decisions you need to make will start to fall into place.


What Does This Well-Being Thing Entail?

Well-Being is a holistic way of feeling and being. We can (and will) talk about the health of the physical body, the way our food composes said body, how our thoughts direct everything from our physical make-up to our actions and even how we see the world, how our relationships and environment directly effect our sense of peace and stability (and how we effect them in return), why all of this matters more than we think it does and the detriment of ignoring it....

But well-being is a big ol' mesh of all of these things. It's kind of like describing the ocean: you can talk about drops, molecules, salt, sand, sea-life, sun, air....but when you are standing with your toes in the water, inhaling the salty air and feeling the spray against your cheeks, you know the ocean in a way that no terms can describe it.

That's what we are practicing getting to know: this FEELING of well-being.

Some of the topics I am exploring include ( a long list, just to make sure we match up on some or all of these interests....and to show you how freaking EXCITED I am about all of the topics we get to explore....) :

- How what we eat influences our energy levels throughout the day

- The effects of mindful eating on actual physical benefits of what we are eating (i.e. How we eat influencing the benefits of nutrition just as much as What we eat)

- How movement corresponds to mental and emotional well-being

- Defining "well-being" as a holistic process

- Exploring things that deplete our vitality and things that increase it

- How mindful awareness correlates with the flow of daily life

- How creative expression influences (and is influenced by) mental, emotional, and spiritual processes

- The influence of daily cardiovascular and strength-training exercise on energy levels + experienced vitality through mundane activities

- The interaction of nutrients in food (stemming all the way back to their origin - naturally grown or processes) with not only our physical structure, but with our thoughts and resulting actions in the world

- Examining the importance of not only what we aren't eating (i.e. typical dietary limitations on sugar, carbs, or processed foods) but what we ARE eating (the nutrients received from what we consume)

- The effects of environment on well-being (physical + social environments)

- Sensory awareness + sensual engagement with daily life and the correlations with well-being

- The use of the term "energy" as a concept to define (and subsequently explore) the interactive flow of influence between all forms of being (physical, mental, interpersonal, spiritual, etc)

- Concepts of sensuality and sexuality as related to overall well-being

- How creativity and play can be intertwined with daily life to enhance vitality (and perceived "success") (something I've typically referred to as "creative engagement")

- Overcoming common obstacles to wellness-related pursuits and goals, such as "failures" at weight loss, sticking to a diet plan, maintaining a meditation or creative practice, etc.

- Yogic and Shambhala Buddhist views and practices, particularly as they relate to enhancing awareness of, and peace with, daily experiences (not to the exclusion of other physical or spiritual practices)

- Breath awareness (and engagement) as a crucial part of vitality

- Mental awareness (i.e. knowing your thoughts) and the importance of such awareness on overall success in any practice of well-being

- The influence of reminders on a practice; the formation + destruction of habits (both conscious and unconscious)

- The "Butterfly Effect" - or how seemingly small, insignificant, and unrelated things can have large and meaningful influence (particularly on well-being)

- The profound importance of personal responsibility (knowing one's self, one's thoughts, taking responsibility for one's own well-being)


Any of those spark your interest? 


So Why Should You Stick Around?

I am definitely over playing the numbers game. I want you here because you WANT to be, not because I've begged you to read or buy or subscribe so that I can increase follower numbers or subscriber numbers or income numbers.

So should you stay or should you go?

This new focus is for those who are motivated enough by discomfort over lethargy, just "making-it-through" your days, and mediocre vitality that you are moved to do SOMETHING (even if you don't know what that is, or how to even begin).

(It's especially for those who have tried countless things in the past - diets, exercise routines, countless classes in creative expression, even job changes - but still found dissatisfaction with the daily grind.)

It's for those who feel a creative burn inside, but feel stressed when trying to bring it to life.

It's for those who are tired of being tired.

It's for those ready to embrace (or perhaps just TRY) movement and mindful eating as part of your path towards wellness.

It's for those who are sick of the judgments you place upon yourself for succeeding and failing and repeating all over again.

It's for those who want to explore the interconnectedness of everything, and recognize the importance of that interconnectedness at the most basic of levels.

The strength to be ALIVE takes some discipline. I am here to be your drill sergeant, your trail guide, and your cheerleader. Only you can decide if working out of your habituated rut is what you want to do.

If so, BeingBreath is probably for you.

If, on the other hand, you believe that life is meant to be a struggle, that a hated 9-to-5 is just something you have to do, that creativity is a luxury, that feeling physically crappy is just part of life (or aging), or that pills or band-aids are the answer,

BeingBreath probably isn't for you.

Ultimately, if you are ready to take responsibility for your Well-Being, you'll find a great deal of inspiration, very practical advice and guidance for implementing practices into your daily life, and perhaps most importantly, ongoing support in doing so here at BeingBreath.



I'm Totally In. Now What?

Sit back, take a breath, and relax. I'm HONORED you'll be staying with me. 

I've SO much I'm going to be offering you, and it's going to take a bit to get it all pulled together. I probably won't be making any huge announcements; rather, just changing the website regularly and adding the new material on an ongoing basis.

The best way to stay updated and/or be reminded, (and to start getting inspiration and tips NOW) is to subscribe to the newsletter and join me on Facebook.



Here's to your more energetic, peaceful, connected, and vibrant way of being...beginning EXACTLY where you are.

I'm thrilled to support you along the way...