Such Is Life

I'm losing it. 

I SHOULD be all grateful that the house is a mess because I have kids healthy enough to make that mess, I SHOULD be present with kids who want to build a fort with the blankets I just laundered, folded, and put in the closet, I SHOULD smile at the bowls of food that were hidden downstairs after the New Year's party because it was a party for cryin' out loud and we had fun, I SHOULD realize that all kids tend to conveniently forget what they were just asked to do and be able to laugh about it.


But I'm not. And I'm not. And I didn't. And I'm definitely not laughing.


I will take a deep breath, listen to my own advice, move on to a 3rd cup of coffee, take a walk if I have to.


But I'm not going to try to find some life lesson in this nor feel guilty about what I should or shouldn't be doing.


As I was typing this, my husband just got home and shared that the Christmas tree he was taking to recycling fell off the top of the car halfway there. And when he finally made it to the recycling location, they were closed (in contradiction to the information on their website).

As I was typing this, my kids ran and got the mail and brought in a small box to me from a dear friend....a box that made me smile even before I opened it.

This is everyday life. Losing it, finding it, not even having a clue what "it" is.

Inhale, exhale ... and on to switching the laundry.