The Practice of Being Aware

Image credit: Pixabay

It's one thing to know that it is beneficial to be aware of this moment. It's a completely other thing to practice it.

Where to begin?

Right here, right now. 

It is the only place to begin, and the only place that you can practice awareness.

That means that nothing is off limits. Time on the computer, on your phone, listening to your child, loading the dishwasher, sitting on the toilet, sitting in traffic, brushing your teeth, reading THIS.

This, now, is where you practice.

Your mind is probably wandering. It usually does. If it isn't thinking about where you need to go next or what needs done that you are avoiding by being on the computer (I just made you think about it, didn't I?), then you are contemplating what these words mean to you. Do you believe them? Do you care? Are you already pondering if you want to keep reading or click to a different tab?

This is the practice. Noticing this.

The practice of mindful awareness is not about changing any of this - rather, simply being aware that it is happening.

"I'm thinking of what I can have for dinner." "I'm frustrated by the kids yelling in the next room." "I've read this paragraph twice and have to read it again because I was spacing out while reading it."

As your practice grows, you can expand your awareness. Bring in other senses. Note not only your thoughts in this moment, but whether or not your shoulders are tight. How is your breath flowing? What scents are arising on the inhale? Does your face feel warm or cold?

Even farther: As you notice your thoughts, be aware of the sounds around you. How far do their sources extend? What breeze is passing you now, and as it exists, how far does it extend? 

No judgments, just awareness.

Right here, right now.


Begin again.