Sniff Sniff

Like most everyone, I'm always looking for ways to be happier - or at least more at peace with life as it is.

I realize that those feelings must arise in mundane, everyday moments. Winning the lottery would be nice, but it's a quick fix that would fade soon ... so I'll pass on buying that ticket.

Instead, I look for things that I can implement in daily life. I look for practices that become part of that daily life.

Image from Pixabay. And no, that's not honeysuckle.

Recently, honeysuckle has been blooming around our neighborhood. On my walks, I keep catching delightful scents of it - which immediately puts my thoughts at rest and brings a smile to my face. 

Today, I had sunscreen on. (Always wear your sunscreen.) A breeze carried the scent of it off of my shoulder and past my nose. The combination of sunscreen with warmed skin took me back to memories of pool days and beach vacations, and once again brought a smile to my face.


Scents are powerful inducers of happiness and peaceful thoughts.

Another answer has been under my nose the entire time.