This blog is about contemplations on mundane life, and what is more mundane than the body?

And yet...

I had trouble even writing this. "Nipples". I giggle and cringe. (What the hell?)

This post is also a teeny bit more personal. But if I only share with you the personal stories about struggling with my art or parenting, and leave out the parts that TRULY make me squirm, I'm doing you a disservice. I'm telling you that some things are off limits for us to acknowledge. Guess what: they aren't.

Let's chat.


I did my workout this morning which required clothes (yes, in our house, clothed workouts are mandatory), but no sports bra. I left immediately after to do my 30 minute walk, and realized I'd forgotten to put on the bra. (I'm cursed / blessed to not need one, so support was not an issue.)

About 5 minutes in, a car drove past. My immediate instinct was to slightly turn or hunch or reach across to fix my earbuds because what if the driver noticed those? (Yes, those. Apparently I'm even reserved in my thoughts. The correct terminology here is "nipples".)

Instead, I straightened up, waved, and kept walking. 

And life went on.

I could get into a long rant here about body acceptance and such, but I won't.

Instead, I want to encourage us both to think about those times that we instinctively hunch over or shy away from one another.

Those times when we are afraid of being seen.

Those times when you are naturally you (body, thoughts, actions) ... but you are afraid of what "other" will think?

What if - WITHOUT malice or an "f-you" attitude -

you just straightened up, smiled, and walked on?


And just because we are on the topic, I'll also leave you with this:

Credit: Scott Metzger – –

Credit: Scott Metzger – –