My goal was to write every week day.

Your goal may have been to walk every day, or eat under 1500 calories every day, or journal every morning, or meditate every night.

And then, life happens.

My son had his birthday and we went away, and then came back and were exhausted. I didn't write on those days.

Something happened to you, too. Something in life that interrupted that beautiful goal you'd set for yourself.

Both of us could give up now. We could determine that we've tried it (once or dozens of times), and that it didn't work. But that is quite a bleak perspective.

Perhaps the learning is in the trying, not in the accomplishment of the goal.

Perhaps our rewards are found in those times where we don't write or walk or meditate or refuse the extra piece of cake....and in those times when we decide to try again, or to try differently. 


Today, I think I'll try to find my joy in that possibility.