What Are You Creating?


For many reading this, tomorrow is an important day. In the United States, it is a chance to vote during an election time that could be crucial to many individuals’ way of living.

But this isn’t a political post. It is a post about what you are choosing to create.


Recently, I’ve been diving back into a different form of photography, one of self-portraiture and artistic creation (versus just capturing what I see in front of me). The photo at the top of this post is my most recent creation.

For those who are wondering what this has to do with voting, read on.

You are always co-creating your reality. I’ll say this again and again.

Alongside what you see as “out there” (the actions of others, the happenings seemingly beyond your control), the things that are within you and the choices you make (the thoughts you have, the drink you choose, the words you speak and the ones you keep unspoken) all define what you understand as “reality”.

The more consciously you make your choices, the closer your experienced reality will be to your desired reality.

For example, with an image such as the one above, I am co-creating reality in two rather interesting ways.

First, I am altering what I do and think through the process of choosing what I’m creating.

Instead of focusing on writing more blog posts, scheduling a meeting, or designing a different website , I am imagining a moment. I’m envisioning how that moment could be visually represented in a photo. I’m pulling props, finding environments, playing with lighting, and shooting an image. I’m creating feelings through Photoshop as I alter and tweak the image. I’m aligning my actions with my creative visions, which makes my actual experiences closer to the ones I want to be having.

Second, I’m altering my own reality - and possibly yours - by creating an image of a new reality.

This image makes me feel something. It immediately brings a few thoughts to mind. Hopefully it does the same for you. Within those few seconds or minutes of contemplation, the direction of the viewer’s life ever-so-slightly changes course.

If I see this image and think of an inner power, for example, my thoughts are temporarily pulled in that direction. Within the next hour, I might have an interaction that opens an opportunity for me to use that power or to shy away from it. Through viewing this image, I am a bit more primed towards that power and voice. With a momentary shift in focus, I’m more likely to take one more action that will further co-create a reality in which I want to be living.

Back to the whole voting thing. (If you aren’t a United States citizen or have already voted, consider this a conversation about using your voice … about speaking up.)

You are always co-creating your reality. (See? Saying it again.) One vote may not seem like a lot. But the tiniest of tweaks to a path can send it on a drastically different trajectory. One moment of speaking out about what you want - by voting, by choosing to express yourself through a creative project, by pausing to consider what it is you want and then sharing it through action - can change your and our reality more than you realize.

Once you finish reading this, consider your next thoughts and actions. Consider the ripples they send into your world.

What are you creating?

Lisa WilsonComment