21 Secrets LIVE!

Looking to revive your creative spirit?    

I'm excited to announce:

Today, 21 Secrets LIVE! opens for registration (and at a reduced rate)!

 And I am HONORED to be a host.

21 Secrets LIVE! is a uniquely designed workshop by Connie of DirtyFootprints Studio, in honor of the 5 year anniversary of the 21 Secrets program (for which I've previously taught).  

Participants have the opportunity to create with an experienced teacher IN REAL TIME via Spreecast (an online service)....all from the comfort of their own home!

Every Wednesday at 6 pm (EST), a new class is offered - and even if you can't attend, you have access to ALL of the recorded classes so that you can learn and relearn on your own time.  In each class, you'll have a host, a previous 21 Secrets teacher, and space to chat to ask questions and have FUN with fellow participants!


On top of all of this, you get access to a private Facebook group and Flickr group, to find support, ask questions, and share your amazing creations.


Teachers include :


Julie Fei-Fan Balzer   Dion Dior   Jane Davenport   Andrea Schroeder   Aimee Myers Dolich

Alma Stoller   Carissa Paige   Dale Anne Potter   Violette Clark   Roben-Marie Smith

Rachel Whetzel    Natasha Reilly    Rae Missigman    Diana Trout    Gretchen Miller

Hali Karla       Rachel Awes       Traci Bunkers       Lisa Wilson       Kate Crane

Tracy Verdugo           Kelly Barton              Connie Hozvicka (Your Host)


You can read all about each teacher and host HERE.


Right now, you can have access to all 21 teachers, live events, recorded classes, and private groups for only $95.  (The price goes up on September 1st, so if you are interested, I wouldn't wait...)

Click HERE to sign up.

(You can learn more about the class at this link before signing up)

I speak from experience as a student and previous teacher - the inspiration you receive from just ONE 21 Secrets teacher can re-awaken your creative spirit and re-energize your life in wonderous ways.  

Now imagine having that inspiration, gentle reminder, AND LIVE SUPPORT every week for five months!!

21 Secrets LIVE! offers you access to some of the most wildly creative women who are finding their expression through their art journals - and can show you how to do the same.

Sign up OR learn more by clicking HERE.


(Note: Links are affiliate links.  By purchasing, you not only support the other artists, but also ME in my ongoing efforts to bring you creative mindfulness through Being Breath!)


Please visit the 21 Secrets LIVE! page to learn more about the format, and don't hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below with any questions you might have.  I share only what I believe in, and I believe in these women, this workshop, and that it will benefit YOUR creative path.



Here's to your creative awakenings, whatever path you follow.