21 Secrets Registration Open!

Registration for 21 Secrets: An Art Journal Playground officially opens today!!

Don't miss up on your opportunity to take classes from an AMAZING line-up of artists that will have you looking at art journaling - and almost certainly at LIFE in different ways!

My class, YOGA+ART:Journaling Into Awareness is only one example...check out the line-up here.

And...Watch a video preview of my class - and several others - here!

$59 (less than what some of these artists can charge for only ONE of their classes!), downloadable PDF's, videos galore, 5 months to work at your own pace... GO! Sign Up!!  Classes begin April 1st.


REGISTER HERE: (or click on the image up above)


(Karma note: this is an affiliate link. Just like to let you know that you are supporting me in continuing to share messages of awareness...and I offer you my deep gratitude for that!!)

Any questions?  Don't hesitate to contact me (see the contact link at the top of my page).

I really hope to see you at the Playground!


Note: Please know that while I am honestly quite excited about 21 Secrets, I simultaneously maintain in my awareness the realities that others are facing.  You can take a moment to view the post below this one (the video poem) to see how it continues to stay with me.  Please also visit THIS lovely post by Maia Duerr at the Jizo Chronicles for ways to help.


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